Thursday, August 9, 2007

oh, carpet cleaners, my carpet cleaners, wherefore art thou, carpet cleaners!

today could certainly be described as slowish.

i lost my mattress last night so i had to sleep on this little pad of a twin mattress (not comfy) and i fell asleep with the tv on and woke to a 5am infomercial (not roomba or scooba, sadly). i got up around 11 and got serious about cleaning. that lasted about an hour, but let me just take a moment to applaud the hardest worker of my cleaning crew: the mr. clean magic eraser. that is one bad ass cleaning product. yes it disintegrates after a while and gets this white filmy stuff on my hands, but i dare you to find the scuff marks on my walls or the hair dye residue in my tub. you won't find it. you just won't.

sadly though, my arm got tired so i took a break that i have clung to for the last two hours. my plan was to be quiet so i would hear when the carpet cleaners got here since i am on the second floor and usually don't hear stuff like that. well...would have worked except for the fact that the carpet cleaners are nowhere to be found. the appointment was for 1-3pm. well, it's 2:54pm and carpet guy calls to say he's stuck in traffic. brilliant. i sit. what else to do but start a blog?

i'm moving out tomorrow and then i'll be at my family's full mercy. family time all the time! then, on the 15th i'm leaving for maine. on the 27th i'll start learning how to teach and on the 5th of september, i will teach my first class. it's all making me crazy with worry but it's an adventure, right?

well, more later. i should really get back to cleaning. and waiting. perhaps i'll just do more of the latter.

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