Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A video is a video?

I may be shooting myself in the vlogger foot with this video; just a warning.

It's that kind of video that you may very well get to the end of and think, "Did I really just spend 7 minutes on that?"

So... you may thereafter be reluctant to watch later, more interesting videos.

But... eh... It's my blog. So there!

Watch if you want. Don't if you don't. Want. If you don't want. To watch.


Also... I ended the video by saying that I don't have anything to show you. But I do. I have a very random thing to show you.

After I finished my video, I prepared the rub for my mahi mahi. When I approached the spice cabinet, I thought the same thing I do every time I approach my spice cabinet: something needs to change.

This is what I'm working with:

But that's not really what I'm working with. Because I took that picture from above my head. This... this is what I'm working with:

Yeah... not so great. I took this next picture to show you that I'm neither kidding nor exaggerating.

Eh... it is what it is.

My spice selection process is a lot like that Memory game that I used to play as a kid. I'm pretty sure the parsley is riiiiight... dammit... k, it's gotta be over heeeere.... yessss!

So... the silver lining to this impossible spice arrangement is that I get a few of those little kid-like yessss! moments per day.

And since I am without counter space, I'll continue playing my spicy roulette until a better arrangement presents itself.

Hmm... maybe I'll think about my spice situation while I'm doing one-armed pushups.

Yeah... I do those in Phase 2 too.


Stephanie said...

If I tried to clap in the middle of a push up I would smash my face on the floor. Impressive ! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh Manda! It's wonderful and I'm so proud of you!! Push ups and clapping...who knew!!! And your face in the pic beside the spice cabinet, I want that face with me in person as soon as possible please! The video is great, we must do dinner sometime soon. I'm rambling I know but I think you gave me permission so I'm running with it. I Love Love Love You <3

Amanda said...

Thanks, Steph. But maybe you just don't know your own strength either! :)

Mom: I love how you interpreted sass as permission. You are clearly my mother. <3

Anonymous said...


Amber said...

My super-powers of organization are dying to activate on your spice cabinet. That is all.