Friday, April 29, 2011

P90x: Phase 2 Pics

Soo... I finished Phase 2 and dutifully took my 60 day pictures.

Here ya go, friends.

I still have no idea what kind of face to make when flexing.

So why not just turn away from the camera, hm?

And... I might have tried out a Dreya Webber pose from the P90x booklet...

And... then I might have made it my own.

Finally, I struggled mightily take a picture of "X Time" for you guys.

More on that later... : )


Anonymous said...

Love Love Love!!!!!! <3

cookingnerd said...

Get it guuuuurlllll! You look so Fab!

Kate said...

I call this the "evolution of the door" series. It also reminds me of Superstar. You look amazing.

Kaitlin said...

1) You. look. AMAZING.
2) I want arms like yours.
3) You ROCKED X Time!