Sunday, April 10, 2011

BIG Breakfasts

There seriously is nothing better.



Oatmeal with flax and a bit of caramel syrup
Leftover burger with feta inside
One egg (overcooked, sadly)
Half a broiled grapefruit (sprinkle of sugar, time under the broiler, sprinkle of salt)

One orange
1 oz of a chocolate Power Bar
Apple cinnamon oatmeal
Portabella veggie burger
One scrambled egg

Kashi cereal with skim milk
Half a broiled grapefruit
Half a two-egg broccoli, mushroom, and white cheddar frittata

See what I mean?

These breakfasts make my day. And... by using my protein leftovers, I can actually whip up one of these breakfasts in a hurry.

Tomorrow, for instance, I'll be starting my day with the leftover frittata, some greek yogurt, an orange, and... maybe toast!

I'm following a 2 protein, 1 fruit, 1 grain, and 1 sweet (or sweetish addition to one of the big four).

And how is the big breakfast working?

Well... I'm down 2 lbs and .7% body fat since I started doing it. So, I think it's working!

Here's to breakfasts! I'll take mine big, thank you.


Grace said...

Goodness. I still wish you were my neighbor...or roommate.

Amber said...

this makes me wish i didn't hate eggs!

G said...

Okay, a) I like your new header! And 2) I really, really wish I could do the big breakfast thing. But that would involve me getting up earlier, which. I don't know about that. AND I can't eat that early in the morning. I get hungry right around 9:30, at which point I am already at work.

I think the solution here is for me to find someone to cook me a big breakfast and deliver it to me. I'm a genius.

Amanda said...

Grace: Maybe on one of my visits this summer, I can make all interested parties a big breakfast. :)

Amber: I live for eggs. Not really... but it kinda feels like I live off of them these days.

G: I'm glad you like the header! I'm okay with it for the time being... And, yes, you do need a big breakfast cooker! Breakfast is my absolute favorite part of the day. I'll get up early for it, no problem.

Anonymous said...

I'm so getting on board with this big breakfast thing. It works wonders for my day! And yours all look AMAZING.