Monday, April 18, 2011

Video Post: P90x Gag Reel

So... last night I finished Phase 2 and decided to make a quick video to highlight some things.

And... it was past midnight. And... I talked a bit more than I meant to.

I figured I'd walk away from the video(s). Yes, there were two.

But... then I watched the videos today and I decided that the only worthwhile bits were the things that ordinary people would cut out.

Since when have I been ordinary people?

Enjoy, kittens. My outtakes, in no particular order:


Anonymous said...

I love your videos way too much. Your fancy arm moves were like WHOA.

Also, white v-neck ... You know how I feel. <3

Anonymous said...

Perfect! LOVE!!!

Kate said...

Have I ever told you before that I am head over heels in love with you? Because I am.

Victoria said...

This is definitely one of my favorite videos so far. LOVE. Seriously. LOVE.

Grace said... always. And I want your white v-neck. Seriously. Where'd you get it?

Amanda said...

Grace: Men's Hanes t-shirts. They come in packs of 5. I wear a small. And I have dozens of them. Like Mary Poppins, they are practically perfect in every way.

And the rest of you... I'm in love with each of you too. Kisses!

G said...

I kind of want you to design an entire workout around those arm moves you do throughout the vid. I mean, I was seriously tired after seeing the velocity alone.

Debo said...

Can I has you?

Amanda said...

Don't tease me, Debo. You and I both know the answer is yes.