Friday, April 1, 2011

Salmon Switch: Dinner and a... Breakfast?

It's easy dinner tiiiiiime!

Yesterday was a mental health day. I chilled. I only put on shoes once and I didn't even cross the threshold of my front door.

Don't get me wrong... I did things. I cleaned up my apartment. I did my P90x workout for the day (oh hey, Kenpo!). I wrote a couple letters. I returned some calls. I also... watched a lot of Food Network.

I think I probably watched three different episodes of Paula Deen shows. It was a beautiful day.

Anyway... in one of those Paula Deen shows, she was in the kitchen with her son, Jamie, making something ridiculously fatty and rich. To balance out that... whatever it was... I honestly don't remember... she made a salmon recipe that her youngest son, Bobby came up with.

Well... I love salmon. And I love Bobby Deen. You know him, right? The one who goes on the show and is visibly unnerved by his mother's liberal use of butter? The one who talks about making the traditional dishes just a little bit healthier? The one who looked like he wanted to die when Paula said, "Rub your meat, rub your meat, rub your meat?"

Yeah... that one.

I kinda love him.

So when he speaks (or rather... Paula tells me a recipe came from him), I listen.

Without any more fanfare, here is the quick salmon bake that Paula shared and I modified...

First, I gathered the ingredients that I had... and the ingredients I was going to make do...

Paula used sage, rosemary, and thyme but said we could use any herb combination we liked. I pillaged the cabinets and decided on basil, parsley, and thyme. It worked.

Paula used a lemon but said Bobby liked oranges. I had a tangerine. It also worked.

The salmon, butter, and house seasoning (salt, pepper, and garlic powder) were all above board. So... let's do this thing:

Step 1: Place salmon on foil, add a little bit of butter, season with house seasoning and the three herbs.

Step 2: Top each piece of fish with three slices of your chosen citrus.

Step 3: Fold up salmon packets of goodness and bake at 350 degrees for 13 minutes. Couldn't be easier.

Step 4: At 13 minutes, open up foil packaging and enjoy.

This salmon was flakey but moist. The tangerines provided a dynamite contrast to the fish. The butter... eh... didn't add much, perhaps because I use unsalted butter. Next time I'll swap it out for olive oil.

It was a good, protein rich dinner. And... this morning... I shredded and re-warmed the second piece of salmon, pulled the sections out of the tangerine slices, chopped up one hard-boiled egg and threw all of that on a toasted whole wheat English muffin.

Mmmmm... totally delicious.

Again, another big-ish breakfast that kept me happy all day long. I think I'm getting the hang of this eating and working out thing.

Maybe. I still need to figure out what to eat before my early morning workouts. I need the energy without the ew-I-just-ate-and-now-I'm-bouncing-around feeling.

I'll... umm... get back to you on that one. For now it's protein shakes... and that's not bad.


Grace said...

That looks delicious - I wish you were either my
A) roommate
B) neighbor
so we could work out and eat together!!!

Amanda said...

Grace: You have too many babies and husbands (one is too many for this girl!) to be my roommate, but as long as I can't hear any of you throw my walls, you're welcome to be my neighbor! :)

Me! said...

hah that's about how i follow recipes! 'well it said to use x but i have y.... that'll have to do'. Before AM workout, maybe an egg or 2 scrambled or a piece of fruit? or one of those mini bagels?

Ash said...

I haven't been over here for a while!!
eeek!! This looks good! I'm sure when one of the Dean bothers tells you should make something, you do.