Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year Cupcakes!

or, "Valentine's Day is Nothing to Blog About"

This post is going to be a little bit out of keeping from my usual shtick. You see... the product I created this morning was not amazing. From the Cherry "Five Spice" Cake to the blue cinnamon cream cheese icing, nothing went quite right for me. Was it tasty? Not really. Is it something people will want to duplicate? Nah, gurl.

So why bore you with the play-by-play?

Exactly my conclusion.

I will say that the fortune cookie recipe (and procedure) is one you should definitely try. If you have... a lot of time... an excess of patience... and an obsessive compulsive desire to do the same thing many times in a row until you create five serviceable cookies that are maybe tasty. If that sounds like you, then hop over to Cheeky Kitchen's fortune cookie post. Heck... you'll probably want to check it out anyway... she makes it look easy.

If you're still with me, then I'm going to answer the age old question: How do I eat a cupcake with fortune cookie on top?

Come on, don't pretend like you haven't tossed and turned over this question. So many things to consider...

Anyway... I'm going to do the heavy lifting for you, because... well, I care about you. Here's what you should do:

1. Undress that sucker. Treat her like a lady, but like a lady you'd like better naked.

2. Careful not to disturb the cookie, take a bite of the cupcake. (If it's my cupcake, then take a moment to be disappointed in the lack of cherry-ness to the cake. Note the sad blah-ness of the icing, while you're at it.)

3. Gingerly (yeah... ginger was one of my five spices... It was actually a play on Chinese Five-Spice and not actually the spice called "Five-Spice." The fails just keep coming, don't they?) pluck the fortune cookie from it's icing bed.

4. Break open the cookie and behold thy fortune!

"Conditions are perfect"???

Hopefully I have at least one reader who caught the Flight of the Concords reference. But if you didn't catch it this time, you will next time. Enjoy...

(possibly NSFW if you work with children or stuffy people)

Wait a minute... I've objectified a baked good. I've failed to live up to expectations. I've mentioned feelings. I've quoted a love song (kinda?).

Dammit. This is totally a Valentine's Day post.


The Boob Nazi said...

I love cupcakes AND fortune cookies. It's like heaven right on your blog.

Anita said...

I don't even know what to say about that song...but it did make me laugh!

Evan said...

Love the turn at the end. We'll forgive you for writing a VD post, as long as it's as good as this one.

Ash said...

You made your own fortune cookies? That's just awesome!

was the cupcake / icing that bad?

Amanda said...

Ash: The cupcake & icing were not horrible; I just had high hopes.

The cake tasted like an alright spice cake but since I went to the trouble of using my leftover cherry pie filling, I wanted it to be at least a little cherry flavored. And the cream cheese icing... that I just got lazy with. : )

Anita: Now you can casually say "Conditions are perfect" in conversation and crack yourself up. At least... that's what I would do. ; )

cookingnerd said...

Don't let Will know you know how to make fortune cookies (he would eat a whole bucket of them if he could). More importantly, don't let Will know that you know where I can get a recipe to make him fortune cookies. In fact, just block him from your blog in general. That will make my life easier. ; )

P.S. - Happy Valentines Day. Glad you are in Georgia and I have a friend as obsessed with baking as I am (a.k.a. someone who makes me look a little less nerdy).

Me! said...

I love the colors. Perfect for valentines day if you ask me. :)

kmari03 said...

I caught it! I caught it! And I LOVE FotC. Do you have DVDs? If so, you should bring them when you visit.

Also, these look adorable even if they weren't awesome and my fortune cookies were nowhere NEAR that perfect.

But they were purple...


Kristy Sayer said...

I always have high hopes when cooking which sometimes leads me to being disappointed but those cupcakes are incredibly cute!

Amanda said...

cookingnerd: You just won. I won't tell Will about the fortune cookies if you won't tell him that I'm claiming you as my valentine.

Kmari03: I don't have DVDs... yet. And purple?!

Natalie... said...

ooooh chinese new year cupcakes very nice hehe good idea!1

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Hahahahaha it was a GREAT Valentine's Day post!! :D

natural selection said...

It must be the color of the icing, I can't stop thinking of the cookie monster from sesame street.
I'm sure after the first bite I would react just like he would!

Cookie monsta love fortune cookie too!

Athena said...


Cool cupcakes :]