Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wakin' to the Smell of Facon?

This morning I had a BaconEggandCheese sandwich. This is not usual.

What is unusual is that this BaconEggandCheese was made for me. By a friend. By a vegetarian friend.

What? What's that? Vegetarian?! How can that be?

I know... I know... you didn't expect this. Neither did I, honestly, but it's true. I actually do have a handful of friends who restrict their food intake without being forced to by allergies.

I may not understand their lifestyle, choose it for myself, or even attend their parades, but after months of personal struggle, I've taken a very live and let live perspective.

You do you, so to speak.

So when my dear friend Kira presented me with facon (pronounced FAKE-en), I determined to give it a good college try.

Then I remembered that a literal college try would mean that I would show up hungover, five minutes into the facon enjoyment, completely unprepared to eat. I'd take a half-assed bite and immediately begin complaining about the next night's homework... that I have absolutely no intention of completing.

Sorry... I'm not talking about facon anymore. I'll get back to it.

This sandwich (facon and all) was the bomb. Kira cooked up the egg with a bit of heavy cream (uh... omg, yes) and then layered that with facon and a deli-thin slice of pepper jack havarti between two slices of toasted challah. Toss some fresh strawberries on the plate for color and fruitiness... and I'm starting to understand how one could survive breakfast as a vegetarian.

Lila was similarly impressed with the dish and expressed as much by planting her head on my leg for a large part of the meal.

Just in cases.

As it turns out, Lila was out of luck.

In her defense, she has not read my post in praise of the BaconEggandCheese.

So what's the verdict on the facon?

Well... despite the fact that I lolled at its striking resemblance to rolled fondant, it actually is quite tasty. Made most of egg whites, soybean oil, and more flavorings than any one food stuff should have, facon tastes a lot like actual bacon. Smokey, delicious, but with 44% less fat. I won't be replacing the real stuff any time soon, but I might just keep facon in my mental file for a bit.


kmari03 said...

Even that one strawberry in your picture there didn't make it, right? Very misleading. It was lovely cooking heart attack breakfast with you (although the Facon makes it slightly less dangerous.)

What should we eat next?

cookingnerd said...
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cookingnerd said...

Lila is so freakin' adorable that I almost forgot that you were writing about Facon (which is an amazing product name btw). Cute dog + Facon = winning post.

Anonymous said...

mmmm facon??? Ewwww

Amanda said...

True story... I ate the strawberry too.

Cookingnerd: Lila is the most cuddly, adorable dog. She's fantastic... if not paralyzingly neurotic. :)

Alicia: That's what I thought! Until I tried it... and now I'm totally on board. It's goooood.

Amber said...

oooh facon. i don't think i can swing that way, but it really does look like fondant OR fruit stripes gum.

Ash said...

Is it anything like chicken-bacon? looks similar, and like facon, doesn't quite taste the same, but not entirely bad. I do love the word 'facon' though.

The Boob Nazi said...

This entire post, I kept scrolling back up to the top going, "WHAT IS FACON?!?! WHY HAS SHE NOT SAID WHAT IT IS?!?!?" Hmm, I'm glad I finally found where you said it haha.

Anita said...

Very interesting but I believe I will stick with my 40% less fat bacon. Sandwich was beautiful!

Hilary said...

Oh, I'm really not sure about that. I love vegetarian food but I'm judgmental and generally don't "approve" of meat susbtitutes. If you want to eat bacon, then be a carnivore!

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

I *almost* bought some of this yesterday at the grocery store, but Josh and I couldn't get over the fact that it looked like play-doh bacon! And just an FYI, Morning Star veggie sausage is disgusting! I bought some and had it with waffles this morning... I only ate the waffles. =/

Amanda said...

HTEAC: I did buy some facon this weekend and I made myself an amazing bacon and cheese omelette last night! I loved having a bacon(ish) flavor and crunch without actually having to touch fat or smell grease all night. :D I highly recommend it!