Friday, February 12, 2010

Three things that made me laugh yesterday...

1. A bumper sticker spotted in the Walmart parking lot: "If it ain't King James, it ain't the Bible."

They said with the conviction that only a true linguistic scholar can summon.

2. A conversation I had with two students:

Girl: "Where'd you get your sweater?"
Me: "Hmm... umm... somewhere in Virginia..."
Girl: "TJ Maxx?"
Dude: "She's not cheap! It came from Macy's."

In case you're wondering, they were both wrong. I am cheap, but the sweater (a gift) actually did come from Macy's.

3. A movie quote from the woman scorned: "When I retire, I'll simply write a short story as my revenge."

There's nothing like a scathing short story. Am I right?

What made you laugh recently? If you make me LOL, I'll make you a cupcake. Honest.


kmari03 said...

hahahaha @ TJ Maxx/Macys

all the things that made me laugh seem mean spirited now and thus i can't share. but i want a cupcake.

Evan said...

Trying to figure out what inappropriate Valentine's Day message to put on a giant cookie. Do I go with your, "You'll do for now." Or, "Happy VD!" Or, "I was drunk at the time." Or, "It's good to have options."

So many choices, so little time.

Evan said...

Ooo, here's another candidate:

Amanda said...

Hilarious, Evan. I love "It's good to have options." That cartoon is excellent too. I'd also like to throw "Settling isn't all bad" into the ring.

Kmari03: But I looooove mean spirited... : / Share!!

Kate said...

I want a cupcake too. I'm adding that to the list of things I'm surprised we haven't done...

The last thing that made me laugh was the evil box this morning on my way to work. I got Carrie Underwood's "Just a Dream" followed by "Party in the USA", and then Anna Nalick's "2 am". I will not let Pandora toy with my emotions that way! Thankfully the iPhone version doesn't track your skips very well...

Evan said...

I like "settling isn't all that bad." I'm also considering cake-wrecks style messages: "Happy Valentauns Day" or "Merry Me?"

Also, something that made me laugh on the bus today:

A knit hat with a little brim on the back. It was meant to be on the back, too, since the lettering was facing the right way.

So you can look cool and stay warm.

LP said...

This is one of my all time favorite posts of yours! Funny #1 is especially awesome!

The Boob Nazi said...

I laughed by making an inappropriate joke about dead zones and mortuaries... But that's just me.

Ash said...

haha, this is soo good.

hmmm... I had many laughs yesterday so I'll try and sum them up.
1.Co-worker and I made continuing references from the Seinfield episode where Jerry buys a new car and the valet gets in and stinks it up forever and they all think they smell. All this came about because a man came in an smelt of the worst BO possible... like not kidding, there was at least a 5 meter radius.

2. Fart jokes. My friend has the ipone app 'fart for free' (the title is funny enough) and well it has some pretty realistic fart sounds. ...Pathetic I know, but I can't help but wail out laughing at fart related soundings.