Monday, February 21, 2011

My Weekend (in Pictures)

I could stop with this one picture...

but I won't. I'll expound.

I mailed my valentines just in time for the one week anniversary of Valentine's Day.

This strapping gentleman fixed my car after it overheated, an hour away from home. I swooned a little bit and he wouldn't let me pay him. It was all very Southern.

I went to the grocery an obscene 6 times. 3 times in one day. Largely so I could make the next three pictures happen...

I've begun feeding my egg habit with egg white wraps of all different sorts. This one was simple enough with chili powder and white cheddar, but tomatoes and mushrooms are also becoming regulars.

That's April. Eating leftover bacon from a ziploc bag. Wearing a shirt that I cried on twice that day. (Stay tuned!)

That night's dinner was a jaw-dropping batch of creamy white cheddar grits atop a fried egg, and sprinkled with crumbled bacon. O.m.g.

36 baby blue, baby shower cupcakes, perched neatly on a white stand. You'd never guess I had a mid-kitchen, icing-enduced, ugly cry breakdown over those suckers, wouldja?

Tony Horton praises his protein and vitamin packed Recovery Drink in each of his P90x workouts. Sure... that's nice and all, Tony, but after the aforementioned kitchen breakdown, I turned to a very different recovery drink. Whiskey and a splash of coke. And now, if you'll indulge me... a bit of dialogue from that evening...

April: *nods at my drink from behind her beer* How strong is that?
Amanda: Not terribly. *hands jar over for sniffing purposes*
April: *sniffs* Woooo... I don't know what "not terribly" means to you... but that's pretty strong.

Gimme a break, all of you. I usually drink it straight.

And... even better than the protein shake that helps me recover from P90x or the whiskey that helps me recover from bad days... is fro yo that makes the world (and especially my corner of it) a better place. This picture was taken so I could ask a friend what that pink squidgy bit was.

She didn't know either. And... after this weekend of ups and downs, that really just figured.


Anonymous said...

Your weekend looks delicious, minus the meltdowns. I hope you're ok, and I can't wait to drink whiskey with you in not-too-many more days.

Anonymous said...

I love you manda <3 mom

Evan said...

Is that a Mason jar you're drinking whiskey and coke from? You really have succumbed to the south.

cookingnerd said...

I just heart this post. New goal: be like 'Manda and create a my weekend in pictures post.

Amanda said...

NotJustAFemme: I can't wait either!!!

Mom... you're a mess. But I love you too.

Evan... it... kinda is. I've let myself go. ; )

CookingNerd: Do it! You have some crazy weekends. This one would have been great, complete with a picture of you deathgripping your car seat.

Jecca Andrew said...

i had leftover bacon out of a ziploc bag last sunday. it's the best.