Thursday, February 10, 2011


Or... The true expense of P90x.

Today I did this workout...

for the first time. We did moves like the one you see pictured above. That's called "The Flying Heinsman." I'm not even kidding.

And I looooved it. It was very Jillian and I liked that. It felt like home.

So... I finished the workout, sweaty, exhausted, and very sore from yesterdays Chest, Back, Abs situation. Tony has mentioned this "recovery drink" mess a few times, but until that moment, I hadn't really considered it.

Well... I'm still not to the point of drinking sludge for fun, but I knew I needed protein... so to the P90x recipes I went!

I mixed a couple of recipes and came up with this:

6 egg whites (6?!)
about 6 grape tomatoes
3/4 oz mozzarella cheese
sprinkling of basil

And... when cracking and separating all those eggs... all I could think was...

When I was a boy I ate four dozen eggs every morning to help me get large. Now I'm a man I eat five dozen eggs, so I'm roughly the size of a barge!

In the end, I dropped about an egg white worth of the scramble on my left sneaker. Don't ask. And... I left about an egg white and a half on the plate. So... did I eat half a dozen egg whites after all? Nope.

There's always tomorrow.


kmari03 said...

Yay for the Gaston reference. You know you can buy liquid egg whites? Maybe you were already using that. My favorite oatmeal pancake recipe uses 1 cup of egg whites so I just buy liquid egg whites because I don't like having to worry about using the yolks.

Amanda said...

Ya know... I didn't think I was making that up! I looked for liquid whites when I was at the grocery store but I couldn't find them. That's just my small town though. I'll have to look around a little better.

Oh... and the yolks went into a trifled banana pudding tonight. It helps to have a skinny, bottom-less pit friend.

Jess said...

I always get the Gaston song stuck in my head! Gee, thanks.

PS. Love your comment header....I'm a teacher and I actually used that line for the first time this week!

lerrington said...

Amanda, only you can make a P90X recipe look classy! Also, I started singing the Beauty and the Beast song even before I scrolled down and saw you were already way ahead of me. Thanks for making my week before Monday even got here. And keep up the good work, I'm impressed!

Stephanie said...

Ha ha I have that Gaston song in my head almost every time I make eggs!