Tuesday, February 8, 2011

P90x: Wait... What?!

Hello, friends.

You may have forgotten me and my little ol' blog. I all but did!

I have many reasons for this, none of which you are probably interested in.

I'll list some of them anyway. (I lost my memory card. I got distracted by something shiny. I stopped cooking for a bit. I started and abandoned a tumblr. I started baking for pay and stopped doing it for stress relief. [I've corrected this... don't worry. ;)] And I resolved to be single and fabulous in 2011.)

See... nothing you're interested in.

So what are you interested in?! Why are you here?! What DO you WANT from me?!

Hopefully... a video about the P90x situation that is about to go down in my life. Because... that's all I've got for you today. Well... that video and a promise that I will be back with more awkwardness.

Maybe food. Maybe P90x. Maybe shoes. Maybe sass. Okay... definitely sass, no matter what.

For now though... the video.

On review... I've noticed that there are at least three ridiculous cartoon-y type voices in this video about P90x. You're welcome.

Love and Pull Ups,



cookingnerd said...

I love you so much. This video proves why we are friends. .. BUT, you did the Chef Anne voice at one point in time in this video, and I just wanted you to know that I'm not sure if we can be friends anymore if you do that voice again. K. thx. kisses.

Amanda said...

ahahahaha... the supplement voice?

Anonymous said...

Oh man. So much win in this video. ESPECIALLY your tie dye shirt.

Kate said...

I've always thought about trying P90x... I look forward to seeing what your experience is like!

DeLaMuerte said...

This stuff becomes so addictive! Whether you like the P90X or not, after you do it I recommend trying the Insanity program. I prefer Insanity over P90X for so many reasons. It requires no weights, bars, bands- just you & your own body (but it kicks your ass), the trainer is not as annoying & I liked the Insanity food program better too. Gives you more freedom to choose your foods. I hate being told what to eat. Best of luck!! It sucks so bad in the beginning, but it does get easier. The first week i wanted to die, even came close to puking some days. but after that I craved it.

Kate said...

So many things I love about you are captured in this video. I found myself talking back the whole time. I love it. All of it. But most especially how around 2min you can see your little alfalfa tail sticking up. And the broccoli voice.

And just an additional thought, if you have a man to stand in front of you, maybe he can change the lightbulbs while he's there.

LP said...

Haha! Missed you! you're getting a southern accent...

Evan said...

Absolutely amazing. You should take your show on the road. You'd have at least one paying customer.

Where, exactly, does one go to apply to help you feel more lady-like?

Laura said...

That was the best video ever. I felt like you were in my room. And just so that's not quite as creepy, I'm Tristan's best friend =) But I think you're adorable!