Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week of Wardrobe: Inspiration Strikes!

Last week I found a new-to-me blog that soaked up a full two hours of my Monday. Was it worth it? Absolutely. That amazingly inspirational blog is Skinny's FitforaFemme. Skinny's wardrobe is perfect. It's inventive, chic, retro, and saucy, all at the same time. The same could be said for the blog layout itself too. I'm beyond jealous.

So while I looked through the archives on Monday, I decided that I needed a bit more style in my life. Now, if I tried to go from zero to Skinny in no time flat, I'm pretty sure I'd pull something. I mean, come on, the girl wore this outfit on moving day. But... I did my best. I pulled the skirts and dresses to the front of the closet and dusted off the heels. I also embraced the jewelry I usually eschew.


In all honesty, this outfit was put together after my workday for Happy Hour with the girls. But... this was my first attempt at a FitforaFemme inspired look. And Alicia told me I looked "very pin-up." Alll-riiiight.


On Monday, while looking through the blog, I promised a friend that I would wear a skirt the next day, come hell or high water. Well, wouldn't you believe it, we had torrential downpours all. damn. day. But... a promise is a promise! So I took my car to the shop in the pouring rain in a light pink denim skirt and paisley rainboots.


Nothing says, "I got this" like a DIY obi belt. Nothing says, "Don't mind me" like a Biology teacher necklace and a Joseph Smith approved shrug. Combining these stuffs for final exams just seemed like the right thing to do.


I felt very hip and femme in this multi-patterned, multicolored look. And it's a good thing... because I completely lost all color on...


Blair picked out this cheetah patterned, Mad Men inspired, Calvin Klein number for me. I added the bow flats and bold bracelet to pull together the Flintstones feel. What do you think, Kate? Is a Starbucks cup still the perfect accessory?

(Friday continued...)

One of my students broke bad on Friday. And it was absolutely hot as blazes in GA. I got home around 5pm, exhausted and aggravated as hell. But... I have a feeling that one last accessory can improve both the outfit and the outlook...

Ahhh, yes. Much better. No offense, Kate, but I think this jewel encrusted flask of scotch is better than any Starbucks cup I've ever seen. This girl is now ready for the rounds: Happy Hour, a birthday party, and a graduation party. (You've seen the birthday cake. Keep an eye out for the graduation one!)


See what I mean about the color waving goodbye on Thursday? I didn't realize it until I was putting this post together, but boy was the end of my week a drag. I'd like to defend myself by pointing out that Friday's shirt has a silk bow collar that you can't see in the poor lighting, but you and I both know I wore the same jeans both days. Stuff happens.

To buck up a bit, I took the clippers to my hair Saturday morning. But... I bet you can't even tell. Most every day this week I ended up pinning my bangs back or under so they wouldn't be driving me crazy, so the visible change is more subtle than the piles of hair on my bathroom floor would suggest.

So... some conclusions on my FitforaFemme inspired Week of Wardrobe:

+ Purposefully dressing like a girly girl is hard work.
+ I need more clothes. And shoes. And jewelry. And eye makeup.
+ Dresses are the GA girl's best friend. A friend let me in on this conclusion, actually, but I plan to run with it.
+ My kitchen posing leaves A LOT to be desired. A. Lot.

Annd... if you missed them, here are my previous Week of Wardrobe posts, complete with links to my sister's WoW posts.


Kate said...

Not kidding, I said outloud, "I love Wednesday!" before I read the bit about the shrug. And then I realized why I love Wednesday so much. Modest is hottest!

Also, you cannot see the bling on your flask in that picture. My recommendation would be to pair it WITH the Starbucks cup (preferably emptying the contents of the flask into the cup) and you'd be a showstopper. But why did you wait until 5 to bring it out? I think it would have gone swimmingly with the am outfit as well.

The secret to accessorizing with the Starbucks cup is to let it be the extra icing on the cake that everyone marvels at but no one wants to actually eat cause it's just too much. I think a tutorial is in order.

However, you're looking quite tan these days : )

Amber said...

I agree, ALL about Wednesday. You inspire me to have more fun...I get stuck in ruts these days.

Evan said...

Thursday is amazing. I wasn't going to say anything about your posing, but yes, it does need work.

Fit For A Femme said...

HOT-CHA-CHA! I love it. Fantastic! M, W and Th are my faves, and the Mad Men-inspired dress is lovely.

Doll Face said...


I lovelovelove the outfits, *and* your sexy haircut!

Don't you just ADORE Fit For A Femme??? It's one of my favorite sites.

Jecca Andrew said...

i saw monday and i saw "oh helllllll".
you look fabulous. so hott.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how unbelievably adorable you are!!!