Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just a day in the life...

I don't have anything terribly witty or sugary to give you right now. What I do have is an early morning conversation with a friend. She'll forgive me. I hope.

Anyway... the other day I woke up angry. And with a very clear reason for that anger. Poor Bridget was online... so... the following conversation happened.

The "me" is... well... me.

And this is why we're friends.

Ugh. And if, by reading my lyrical representation of that godforsaken song, you've gotten it stuck in your head too... then I'll give you the trick Bridget gave me shortly after we settled this authorial bit.

Yellow Submarine

You're welcome.


kmari03 said...


wow. for a minute there, i was worried this would be the conversation about me hitting myself in the head with the microwave.

not that that ever happened.

Me! said...

i thought the same thing about that song! not the waking up with it stuck in my head but the fact that those aren't steps!

Amber said...

I was reading the whole thing thinking "That's Brian McKnight." lol. But yes, I always thought it was dumb because those aren't steps at all.

Evan said...

How bad is it that I knew it was Brian McKnight without even blinking? I blame my ex-girlfriend.

Nice attempt to fuck with people at the end there. Thankfully, I display a superhuman ability to not get songs stuck in my head.

Ash said...

love this!