Friday, September 4, 2009

Why I <3 Today

1. I fell asleep before 11pm last night. Soporific Project Runway episodes FTW!

2. My radio station played "(I Had) The Time of My Life" during my 6 minute commute to campus. I didn't even have to ask! I sang every word with all the verve and gusto I could summon.

3. Even after shaving my legs, I was ready early enough this morning to get a bagel for my mid-office hours brunch.

4. During my office hours, I'm going to start reading my new book, How to Be a People Magnet by Leil Lowndes. If you've had more than 2 conversations with me, you will probably recall my love for How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You. Same author.

5. At 1:50pm (on the dot), I'll be off until Wednesday at 8am. I plan to fill my time with a roadtrip complete with book on tape, a book festival complete with crazy high school roommate, and countless scoops of Bruster's icecream... complete with dinosaur cookies. I'm also going to test my magnetism, if you get my drift.

So... Can your good day top mine?

Update: At 10:30pm, while eating Turtle ice cream at Bruster's with Kira and her socially anxious but still adorable dog, Lila, "Hungry Eyes" played over the loud speaker. It was damn poetry.


Pamela said...

While with crazy high school roommate you are instructed to make cupcakes to leave behind for her house guest next weekend. :-)

Meg H. said...

I spilled my lunch all over my white pants (which I wore because labor day is approaching and they will be relegated to the closet until memorial day); my carpool mate talked during StoryCorps so I missed my favorite Friday NPR segment; and my peach was not ripe and mealy. I think your day was better than mine.

Anonymous said...

Zoe is getting 4 teeth - so no my day does not top yours. Glad someone is having a good time though!

Ash said...

My day wouldn't top yours, haha I've been pretty boring lately.
But your post was too funny!