Sunday, September 20, 2009

Starve a Cold, Feed a Fever (?)

Is that the way the saying goes? I... ya know... could google it. But it's not really that important. Because... well... I eat when I want. Sick or not.

But this weekend, I am a bit sick.

I blame my students. All 109 of them.

I used to be one of those people who could say, "Oh... I don't get sick." (It wasn't true. It never is when people say that, but they still say it.) Anyway, since I've started teaching, I can't even pretend.

So today I might be dealing with the swine flu. About a dozen of my students have it. It only makes sense.

But I'm taking it in stride. And tomorrow when I go back to class, I'm going to do my best to "Spread It Around!"**

And finally... I fed the swine flu. I fed it:

+ a baconeggandcheese bagel sandwich
+ a grande soy caramel macchiatto
+ Simply orange with pineapple
+ leftover spaghetti with rosemary sauce (stay tuned)
+ pita chips & roasted garlic hummus
+ V8 red pepper soup with a buttered, toasted honey wheat bagel
+ 2 cups of decaf coffee (in progress at time of typing)

Doesn't that just look ridiculous all written out like that?

Well... I regret none of it. And I can't promise it will end there.

** Cool people will have recognized the Golden Girls reference. "Spread It Around!" was Blanche's incorrect understanding of the Sunshine Cadet's motto. Dorothy quickly righted her: "Sunshine, Blanche! Spread sunshine around." And... like the cadets... I plan to spread around nothing but sunshine tomorrow. I'm no supporter of this pandemic.


Evan said...

It does look ridiculous, particularly with the plus-sign bullet points, which just steamrolls it on.

Anonymous said...

Man swine flu - that stinks! Hope you feel better soon.

Kate said...

Regardless of which way the saying goes, it's a myth now that we have the luxury of things like ibuprofen to feed to fevers.

Lists of things people have eaten in one day always come out looking ridiculous to me. Especially mine when I'm trying to sort out where the calories came from so I'll break down meals into separate ingredients and then I'm not specific enough to distinguish between types of cheese so I might have a list that has "cheese" on it three times.

Anyway, I hope your day goes well. When you're spreading sunshine, just don't forget how much joy it brings to a student to get one of those "class cancelled today" e-mails. Better one day than the whole week.

Ash said...

Yes spread some of that 'sunshine around'!

Wow, what a meal list! Get better soon!

I have to laugh at your 'labels'. They are always hilarious!

Dorothy said...

I hope you feel better soon; a friend of mine got swine was the pits! :( Anyway, thanks for the vote in Cupcake Hero! I really appreciate the support, considering what a landslide the results are showing.

ash.lin. said...

while i understand its a job requirement i CANNOT believe you are around children all the time and not wearing a mask, or lysoling their faces off.
please get well soon. also thank you for being a friend.

Liesl said...

My husband just got over the flu. Luckily it was just the season flu, but it still freaked me out. No fun no fun. I hope you feel better.