Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stuffed French Toast (Two Ways)

I. Love. French Toast.

It is my go to comfort food and my easy breakfast, lunch, and dinner (usually not on the same day, but I wouldn't rule it out either). So when my working family left dinner up to me, I declared this Wednesday "Made-to-Order French Toast Night."

I took full advantage of the opportunity and made myself lingonberry-stuffed vanilla almond French toast.

Yeah. It's my new favorite.

And my dad went with a chunky peanut butter-stuffed vanilla cinnamon French toast.

There really is nothing easier or more satisfying (relatively) than good French toast.

Here is all of my French toast wisdom:

- One beaten egg covers two of these stuffed French toasts.
- A splash of milk should make the egg more soft yellow in color than orange-yellow.
- For the vanilla almond, I did 1/8 tsp of each extract.
- For the vanilla cinnamon, I did 1/4 tsp vanilla extract and (surprise!) a shake of cinnamon.
- Don't spread the filling all the way to the edge of the bread. You don't want a messy skillet and fried peanut butter or lingon would certainly make for a mess.

I wish I could get more specific but I don't measure much when it comes to French toast.

So what came to mind when you read "Made-to-Order French Toast Night"? What is the craziest thing you'd put in or on French toast?

P.S. After a Bakewell tart, numerous pb&l sandwiches, and tonight's French toast, I'm almost out of Lingonberry preserves. o_O


thereddeer said...

I've never filled my french toast - never thought to do it. Might have to try it out :)

Evan said...

Strawberry stuffed french toast is one of my favorites. Mmmmmm...

kmari03 said...

I have to say that I did not love the lingonberry preserves the one time I tried it. I guess I like my lingonberries as concentrate. They were just strangely tiny and I remember them having sharp little stems. Maybe they're better cooked?

Amber said...

oooh that looks so good. i may have to do this soon.

Ash said...

woah! I gotta try this!!! I'm such a breakfast fan!!
Have to ever tried Tahitian french toast? ...well all it is, is french toast regular style then after dipping it in the egg you cover it with coconut then put er in the pan!! So good!

Amanda said...

RedDeer & Amber: Do it!

Evan: IHOP means strawberry stuffed French toast in my mind. And for that I will always love it.

Kira: Lingonberries are tiny and bursting with flavor but I don't know what you are talking about with the sharp stems. :) Makin' it up!

Amanda said...

Ash: I have never heard of this Tahitian twist, but I am definitely doing it next time! That sounds so groovy.

Elissa said...

Lingonberry stuffed French toast... omg you're killing me!

Me! said...

mmm it's too hot for me to make french toast but I may be having a lingonberry jam and cream cheese sandwich for lunch

m said...

wait. can you stuff it with bacon?

Liesl said...

I love french toast too!!!! It is so easy, but yet so delicious!!!! I haven't tried peanut butter, that is definitely hitting my breakfast menu soon!