Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Best Hot Dogs Ever (acc. to some)

And now for something really different...

This dish is not one that I would ever have thought I would post. I have nothing against meat, but it really isn't my favorite thing to cook. I consider myself a vegetable enthusiast. I love them. But we're not quite exclusive. So... wrapping one meat in another is not really my idea of a great time.

But... tonight... it's what the family wanted.

Without further ado, I present you the family recipe for what they call The Best Hot Dog Ever.

Step 1: Bake bacon on a broiler pan in a 400 degree oven for about 8 minutes. This will begin to cook the bacon but still keep it really soft for wrapping.

Step 2: While bacon is in the oven, cut a slit down the length of each hotdog and fill with cheddar cheese.

Step 3: Remove bacon from oven and blot on paper towels. (Ew.)

Step 4: Wrap each hot dog with one piece of bacon. Secure each end of each piece of bacon with a toothpick. Line hot dogs up on pan, cheese down.(don't these dogs look like they are tanning?)

Step 5: Wait forever for the oven light to go off to signal broiler readiness. Learn from sister about ten minutes later that oven indicator light does not ever go off when broiling. (oops) Broil hot dogs for about 7 minutes until the bacon looks crispy. Turn hot dogs over (this is why you want to start cheese down) and broil for about another 7 minutes.

Step 6: Remove from oven and blot on new paper towels.

And there you have it. A pile of cheese-filled, bacon-wrapped hot dogs. According to my family, The Best Hot Dogs Ever.

Oh, and it should be noted that even though I made an ew face the entire time I was assembling these disasters, I ate two of them. And they do taste pretty good.

Per the family's request, we had Ore Ida from-the-bag french fries with these dogs. Because I couldn't leave well enough alone, we also had roasted broccoli. :) [Vegetable! Enthusiasm!]


Hilary said...

Oh, my. Hehe I actually really like the look of them except for the cheese. Pretty cool!

Kate said...

I'm not sold, but more power to you for complying with family wishes. You can only lead a horse to water after all.

Wow, I can't believe I just wrote that. It's too early to be up.

Evan said...

Ew is right. How many kinds of badness can we pack into one small phallic "package"?

Anonymous said...

My goodness - that looks super unhealthy! I like my hot dots in a bun with mustard, cheese and sauce personally :P

Amber said...

so i love hot dogs and i hate veggies, but even i couldn't handle those!

i know a few people who would LOVE them though.

Amanda said...

haha... no love for the hot dogs, huh? :)

So... I'm curious... do you guys eat bacon cheeseburgers?

m said...

WHAT?!?! No Hot Dog Love? How can there be no Hot Dog Love? What is better than anything wrapped in Bacon? Yup, that's right. Nothing.

I want to give you special props for not using hot dogs that come pre-filled with cheese. Those are gross. But, good old fashioned hot dogs with real cheese inside them...oh, that's good.

And Bacon. How can you go wrong with Bacon. Personally, I would have crumbled up more Bacon and used it as a garnish, on both the french fries and the broccoli. You can never have enough Bacon.

So, Bravo! A wonderful dinner.

And yes, I eat bacon cheeseburgers. And scallops wrapped in bacon. And oysters wrapped in bacon. And filet mignons wrapped in bacon. And bacon wrapped in bacon.


-The Pork Prince

Amanda said...

m: One day you will make one lucky girl verrrry happy. :)

Me! said...

That looks good! I can't say I'd eat it every day but very tasty! Bacon is so good. mmm maybe I'll have to make bacon wrapped something now.

Lisa Thomas said...

Hey there...yes, hotdogs make me want to vomit, normally...but I am looking at these and I'm either pregnant (which I'm not) or these just look really awesome (which they do) and I'll be trying them on my family who loves hotdogs and don't typically get them because of ME...haha.