Monday, July 13, 2009

Hoisin Turkey Lettuce Wraps or... Ima P.F. Yo' Chang

Cooking for my family is... interesting.

My sister eats low carb/ high protein. My dad wants meat with a side of meat, ridiculously hot and spicy if at all possible. My mom wants only what she's had before, and not as spicy as it was the last time. My brother is quite picky but he's only around for about 20 minutes, 15 of which are spent in the shower. And... I love food!

So trying to figure out what to make for this brood is not unlike a Food Network Challenge.

Last week, however, I found something that made everyone happy.

Everyone. We all loved these Hoisin Turkey Lettuce Wraps.

I started with Rachael Ray's recipe for Chicken Lettuce Wraps,substituted ground turkey for chicken cutlets, and dropped the bean sprouts and sesame seeds for the above mentioned reasons.

Ta Da! The crowd pleasing lettuce wraps!

I even made the lettuce wraps again at a friend's house for a nice light lunch. And guess what?! My friends liked the wraps too! Even baby Isabella ate it!

I'm just sayin'.

The combination of crisp, fresh, chilled lettuce and the warm, browned, hoisin flavored turkey, onion, red pepper, and water chestnut is just too good.

So do yourself, and everyone around you, a huge favor and make these lettuce wraps soon. But just be prepared for everyone and their mother to ask you if you got these wraps (or perhaps the idea for them) from P.F. Chang's. Just smile and slowly back away, delicious lettuce wrap in hand.


Ash said...

haha, I could see why everyone loved this... even the picky ones!!! I WILL give this a try!!

Mat said...

Omg, i spent the last 3 hours reading your blog. It's really cool! You're one of my favourite bloggers now :)
And one thing I've noticed: you haven't posted many fish recipes. Don't you like fish? If you do, could you post something? Thanks :)

Amanda said...

Ash: I'm glad you could see past the poorly lit pics and recognize the tastiness of this dish. It won't disappoint!

Mat: Your comment totally made my day. :) I'm glad you enjoyed reading! And you are right that my blog seriously lacks fish dishes. I love fish, but... honestly... I'm scared to death to cook it for myself. I don't know why this is but I really want to change it.

Just for you... (and the tastiness of fish, of course) I'm going to hunt around for a good seafood how-to.

jess said...

granola! granola! GRANOLA!!!!

Amber said...

i've been thinking about making lettuce wraps, too. good to see someone do it at home.