Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Traveling Cupcakes

For the first time since last summer, I made cupcakes on the road.

It's always weird baking in someone else's kitchen. The stuff is different and it's in different places. The ingredients may or may not be there, and timing is always a little bit tricky. And slower.

But despite all of that, this particular group of friends needed cupcakes. And when my friends need cupcakes, I really just can't refuse them.

So around 11pm after about 4 hours on the road, we started to pull our ingredients and kitchenwares together. We ended up being one egg short but we did find Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla; those things definitely even each other out in my mind.

What kind of cupcakes did we make?

That's an interesting question. Flavorwise, these cupcakes were the rich chocolate cake of the Hot Fudge Cake cupcakes paired with a raspberry buttercream and topped with a raspberry puree. We called them...

Sexual Chocolate cupcakes. If you are as lost as I was when it comes to that phrase, then Wikipedia it. Apparently it is the name of a band in Coming to America. Beyond that reference there are 11 other explanations for the phrase "Sexual Chocolate", some of my favorites being a weightlifter's nickname, Alanis Morissette's backing band, and an actual brand of chocolate produced in Berlin.

Makes sense now, right?

Well... whether it does or not, these cupcakes were pretty good. Since it was quite late by the time we finished baking them and making the icing, they didn't all get iced. And even fewer of them ended up with the puree. So they were half-assed but still tasty. The raspberry buttercream was really sweet because we didn't have any milk but that actually worked because the puree was so tart. All things considered, I'd say the cupcakes were good for on-the-road cupcakes.

See how highly my tired self recommends them?


Evan said...

Your tired self looks tired. The cupcakes look good, though!

kmari03 said...

I request that some cupcakes travel this direction. Soon. You can come with them, if you like. :)

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Oohhh you said raspberries... AND chocolate. THE TWO MAGIC WORDS!!!

*commence the drooling*

Anonymous said...

Sexual chocolate!! I love it - we say that all the time in our household :D