Monday, June 8, 2009

Strawberry Lemon Cake!

Thank you for helping me decide what to do for class today. You all ended up choosing the Strawberry Cake + Lemon filling, the cake that came to me in a dream.

I'm serious. It did.

And a dream it is.

I used Anne Byrn's recipe for Strawberry Cake. The cake did not disappoint.

I "filled" the cake using the Wilton method that involves torting a single 8" cake, running a bead of frosting around the outer edge of the bottom layer and then spreading a filling to the frosted bit.

As promised, I used lemon curd. Lovely, lovely lemon curd.

Flavorwise, this cake reminds me of Trix cereal in the best way. Citrus and sweetness to the max! The cake is ultra moist because of all the strawberries and such inside. Adding lemon curd to that just makes the whole thing more like a pudding of sorts. It's fantastic. I think the flavors work really well together.

(My mom didn't love the lemon and for her I left the lemon out of the second 1/2 of the cake that is in the works at present. I think you'll like what I have in store for the decoration on that one.)

So... armed with a frosted cake (sans cake carrier) and legit decorator's tackle box, I went to class this morning to decorate this cake the right way. And you can tell me how I did.

By the way, Happy Monday!


Evan said...

That rainbow is mighty spectacular. I would say that the Wilton class has done you well so far.

Also, how can you compare anything tasty to Trix?

A Slice of Concentrated Love said...

Well, that's kinda cool. I'm working on a lemon cake with raspberry filling. Good job by the way. Looks awesome.

Pamela said...

It looks yummy but the Trix reference is scaring me.

Amanda said...

Okay... so maybe the Trix reference is turning you all off, but it shouldn't! I was the only one who thought the cake smelled faintly of Trix and I really meant it as a complement. :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic job :D - the rainbow looks awesome.

Hilary said...

Dude, that rainbow looks professional. Now you just need to work on your script a bit. Cake decorators always seem to have the loveliest hand writing.

Ash said...

Wow! I must say you're cake looks pretty fantastic! Great job on the rainbow! I think 'Trix' flavor could be a good thing!

Casey's Wifey said...

OMG IT LOOKS AMAZING! You're already a pro. And again...I'm mad you are taking this class without me. Where is it? I wanna take one!

Amanda said...

***UPDATE*** Recipe for Strawberry cake is now linked under the words "strawberry cake". Tricky, right?

Anyway, the only thing I did differently this time was to start with a strawberry box mix. This kicked the strawberry out of the park. I loved it but it's an excellent cake either way.

Paris Pastry said...

I sooo want a slice! Great job with the frosting!

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

A cake that tastes like Trix cereal?? I am SO there! Btw, how do you feel about Trix not being shaped like fruits anymore? I'm not really digging on the rainbow colored balls of cereal! =/