Friday, June 5, 2009

Rain, Rain... eh, You Can Stay

In order to ice two cupcakes with one spatula, I'm going to tell you about my day in a Ten Truths format.


Just as those handy weatherpersons predicted, it is downright downpourish today.

I felt a little Cat in the Hat taking this picture. :)

But I'm okay with that because a couple of things brightened my day from the inside.


First of all, I received a super special package in the mail from Brooke at Conversations with a Cupcake!

I won her antique kitchen gadget giveaway, and lucked into some fantastic tools. All told, I got an apple corer, donut cutter, mini scoop, heart spatula, and a fruit wedger-corer. I'm very excited to use these tried and true vintage-inspired pieces. Thanks again, Brooke!

And for those of you who haven't visited Conversations with a Cupcake, you should go there right now. Right. Now. The blog is definitely whimsical, full of talking cupcakes and writing that is more poetic than rambling.


I love handwriting. My own, other people's, big, small, swirly, strained, irregular, doctor-style, any of them. The handwriting junkie in me cannot move on before I draw your attention to the note enclosed with my antique gadgets package.

Oh my word, I think I'm in love.

Note to reader: If you want to woo me or perhaps talk me into giving you a kidney, you will immediately bump up your chances if there is a handwritten note.


When I went to Dunkin Donuts to get some coffee today, the lovely man behind the counter gave me a free donut to go with. I don't know if this is standard procedure, but I've never had anyone do it for me before. So I was excited.

In case you're interested, there is a blueberry donut on the kitchen counter. You're welcome to eat it. Writing about it made me realize that I... you know... needed to eat.


WE (yes, the television channel) is exactly what I'm talking about today. Amazing Wedding Cakes is on until 5, at which point The Golden Girls carries on for the next three hours.

This is the perfect lazy day. Per.fect. (And, apparently, good for punctuation.)


I am about 65% excited and 35% nervous about the Wilton cake decorating class I'm taking these days. I've only been to the first class, so this Monday I'll actually be doing something.

Eek. Okay, maybe it's like 60/40. But either way, that's better than the 50/50 that I started the class at. Right?

What if my roses look more like sea shells? or dust bunnies? or cucumbers?


(Since I'm only on 7 and running out of facts about today, I'll venture a little bit further out. Why not?)

I don't like belts. On me. I love belts and I love them on other people. I actually like them quite a lot on other people, but I have only this week started wearing a belt myself.

Two other things I don't like: flour and chalk.


Everyone in my immediate family has more than one tattoo. Mom, Dad, brother, sister: all tattooed. None of them had any tattoos until I got my first at the ripe age of 18. Even though I might scrub the tattoos I have now if that were an option, I have a fourth fifth in mind.

I understand that's crazy. :)


(From PSD's Flickr)

I have ten Thank You notes on my to do list.


I can't decide what kind of cake to make for my class on Monday. I'm completely at a loss and I just can't pull it together. Help me out by voting in the poll on the right there. You have until Sunday, and hopefully you're in a more decisive place than I am.


Amber said...

Today was free donut day. Like, officially.

I had planned on taking myself to Prime Outlets today and then it started POURING and I was like, "um...I'm not buying gas just to drive in this."

kmari03 said...

I have lots of things to request of you, including free cupcakes, but I will be sure to send these requests by handwritten note.

Maybe a nice, simple 1-2-3-4 cake? (I haven't looked at the poll yet.) There was an excellent recipe in the Washington Post a few years ago for one of those.

Evan said...

You know I'm voting for blueberry cupcakes. If I send a hand-written vote, do I get a second one?

Elissa said...

I can't believe there's rain at your end... the weather is ridiculously nice over here. Maybe TOO nice.

I love handwriting too! Something that bugs me more than anything is when you get sent junk mail, and they use a handwriting font for your address so you think you've gotten a real letter.

Finally... I'm so jealous of your cake decorating class. I'd love to take one myself.

Hilary said...

I took a Wilton decorating class once (just a day) and my roses looked like cabbages. I hope you'll post some of your handiwork.

Cute post!

Ash said...

fun post! Good luck on you're class! I'm excited to see what you have decided to make!

Amber said...

Is that my house? lol... Your blog is really cute!