Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Bread Pudding

I'll be straight with you... this is a rerun recipe.

But I think you should check out this post for a number of reasons.

First: This is an easy, easy bread pudding.

Go to PioneerWoman to get the fully illustrated recipe.

This is what it looks like before baking.

You've hopefully already noticed the second reason that you should pay attention to this blog.

The pictures!

One of my friends messed with my camera for about 3 minutes this week and - lo and behold - my camera is now taking better pictures of food. Of course. I should have known it was operator error.

And this is what it looks like after the 55-70 minute bake.

This bread pudding is like none other that I've had. When I told my mom what my dad wanted for Father's Day she said, "ew... I don't like soggy bread" but... honestly... who does?

This bread pudding is anything but soggy bread. The Pioneer Woman instructs bakers to cobblestone the bread in the dish. That way, the bread isn't all layered up and soaking in the pudding juices. Since there is only one layer of bread with the liquid poured down over it, the bread absorbs the liquid from the bottom up as it bakes. Result.

And then... to rocket this bread pudding into dessert heaven, the Pioneer Woman tops her bread pudding with a fabulous whiskey cream sauce.

Mmm... This bread pudding is flavored mostly by vanilla and the whiskey cream sauce. There is not even a pinch of cinnamon in the dish. Isn't that refreshing?

I think so.

My dad was very pleased with the bread pudding. My mom, even though she was anxious at first, admitted the bread pudding was good but she could do without the whiskey in the sauce. I took a couple of pieces over to my bread pudding-loving grandparents and I haven't heard from them yet. No news is good news? :)

Happy Father's Day, all!


kmari03 said...

Whenever you mention your Dad I'm reminded of the lunch in Prague where I offered to treat everyone and then it turned out I forgot my wallet and your Dad had to treat everyone (or maybe it was Bob?) Either way, your Dad was very gracious about the whole thing. How embarrassing.

Amanda said...

kmari03: Take a deep breath. Neither I nor my dad remember that. :)

However, he did say that since you remember it, he's happy that it was a good memory of him and not a bad one. Haha... classic.

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

I reallllly want to try this recipe, but alas, I never have sourdough lying around!

Amanda said...

Me neither, HTEAC, I picked up a loaf at Panera. :)

Amber said...

yummm! Looks good! I love PW's website too..I'm glad you had a chance to make it and that your dad was pleased. :-)

Anonymous said...

mmm tasty - I still haven't made a bread pudding yet - I must do it one day!

Me! said...

pioneer woman recipes always look so wonderful. yours looks delicious and moist.