Wednesday, September 17, 2008

recent cupcakes

Since I've been without internet, I've been collecting pictures of my cupcake experimentations.


black and white cupcake. like the cookie, only a cupcake. very complicated with the two batters but ultimately rewarding.

these are the banana splits. black and white cake with vanilla frosting on top and banana pudding filling in the middle.

this is a vanity shot of an arnold palmer cupcake. tea & lemon in both the cake and the frosting.

mimosa cupcakes. orange cake soaked with champagne glaze. in the background: mimosas frosted with a mixed fruit mascarpone icing.

amaretto cupcakes. they weren't very amaretto, however, next time i'll use more of the flavoring.

amaretto cupcakes with raspberry cream filling inserted with new bismark tip.

cupcakes in the fridge. some have vanilla amaretto frosting; the others have raspberry frosting made from the leftover filling and added powdered sugar. the amaretto frosting was good, but it got too dry in the fridge.

glamour shot of one of the raspberry on raspberry cupcakes.

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Kate said...

Your experiments are to die for. Oh man those look good.