Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pixie 101

Since it has now become common knowledge in the English department that I cut my own hair, the requests have been rolling in from my shaggy haired friends. This is not surprising for several reasons.

Number One: We are graduate students, and therefore, most of us would just go without haircuts rather than give our hard-earned money away.

Number Two: Those of us who have bitten the bullet and paid for a haircut in Maine have been sorely disappointed. See any pictures of me late last fall. It say the least.

For some reason, I have gotten three requests for haircuts just this week. I saw a fourth coming last night and ducked out of the room before she could get the words out. I know it might be rude, but I just couldn't handle one more. A lot of my reluctance has to do with the fact that my superstellar Rhianna cut of late summer is now...well...shaggy.

In my research [read: pop culture mags, tabs, tv, etc. that I follow continually now that I can rationalize it through 101], I have been noticing all the adorable haircuts that I should be having. Or at least trying.

So this is what I've been most taken with:

Victoria Beckham has done it again. This pixie is flawless. Who knew her hair was perfectly curly? By the way, J.Lo is still boring.

Now, I never EVER thought I would take style cues from Samantha Ronson. Anyway, her new pixie is soooo cute. She looks like a girl again. And there is nothing wrong with that. Rock on, Ronson!

And...oddly enough, this joker impressed me this morning.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is Sid Vicious' mugshot. But...his hair is amazing.

So, determined to be at least as attractive as Sid Vicious, if not Ronson and Beckham, I inspected the canvas. Here is how you can tell if your short haircut has gotten shaggy. It might look something like this:

Finally, after a lot of chopping and reinspection and rechopping and evening and randomizing and blah, blah, blah, I now have a haircut I can live with.

So, what do you think? Did I approximate the Beckham/Ronson/Vicious?

Please also note the fact that my face pitched to the left today. Ugh. I was incapable of taking a better picture. :) Also, wind and rain influenced my hair before I took the after picture. So many excuses, so little time!

And...for those of you who are keeping track, I'm having a haircutting day next weekend. So far there will be three haircuts, but who knows what could happen in the next seven days!

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Miss Riesling said...

Ahhhh! I love it!!!! SOOOO Cute.