Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Out, and About [the Outness]

So...today is a big one for celebrity gays. And normal gays too, but I'm concerned with two celebs in particular.


I turned my computer on to be confronted by an AIM homepage that I keep forgetting to disable. Anyway, right smack in the middle of the AIM homepage was an article proclaiming "YES, I'M GAY" in a very Ellen way on the front of the new issue of people. The newest out celeb? None other than Clay Aiken.

Oh. Really? Really, Clay? I'm sorry, but does he think this is news? I guess it is exciting that he is finally giving in and selling his story to People, which I will certainly buy and read and then take to my 101 classroom, but this was not a shock.


The Clay article mentioned the forthcoming People expose and then moved on to the more exciting sound byte in which Lindsay Lohan finally admits to being in a relationship with Samantha Ronson.

Again, not shocking, but totally cute. I love this couple, and have you seen recent pictures of Ronson? She looks adorable! She's not nearly as busted and she has decided to chop off those awkward bleached strands and opt for an auburn pixie that looks absolutely gorgeous on her. Her hair has the perfect amount of curl to make her hair look perfectly chic and styled even though we know she sleeps on it for sure.

So, I try not to bore others with my pop culture excitement, but today was a big day, apparently! By the way, "apparently" was used in the not-so-enthused title for one of the Clay articles I found. Ha.

Anyway, my own day was filled with business, meetings, student papers, and blah, so this vacation into the life of people more fabulous than I has been lovely.

Remind me to tell you why when I have more time. It has to do with one of the books I'm reading with my students in 101. It's brilliant, really.

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Kate said...

Clay Aiken is gay? I'm so shocked. After that first single, Invisible, I mean, who would ever guess?

LiRo are such a snoozefest. But I do like Sam's new hair much better these days.