Saturday, September 20, 2008

and now for something kind of different...

Tonight I made my sister's superfancy oatmeal splenda cookies. And, just to make them my own, i made a dozen cupcookies. Observe:

My roommate - probably correctly - pointed out that I was so uncomfortable with the cookie baking genre that I had to translate it to a form that I felt some control over.

So...voila! Cupcookies!

In other news, today was the official last day of summer. In Orono, Maine we had really appropriately chilly weather around 50 degrees. At least it was an improvement over the 30s we reached earlier this week. Ah, life in the everlasting winter. I guess I should dig my winter gear out of the attic.


Kate said...

I used to get bored with cookie dough and bake it in loaf form rather than scoop out all the cookies. I'm glad someone else has a different approach to cookies too.

also, you have too had cream cheese frosting on red velvet cupcakes. the cupcakes we made together had AMAZING cream cheese frosting. remember? we had like a ton left over and couldn't figure out why?

amanda whats-her-face said...'re totally right! those cupcakes were amazing!!!! despite the hundreds i took home in a tupperware container. :)

now i really want a cupcake just like that! my favorite of those were the ones that fell in the middle. the perfectly doughy center was spectacular.