Sunday, December 2, 2007

that last one isn't worth continuing

i should really be grading papers. or reading for carla's class, but instead, i blog.

so, i know that my recent excitement over racquetball is a bit new and different for me, but it gets even better. yesterday was sarah's birthday so she had a bunch of people over to her apartment to drink and play games and chill. it was really a lot of fun. evan's wife came and i hadn't ever talked to her before.

anyway...several hours into this shindig, mike, his wife karen, and heather showed up. well, mike is one of the crazy racquetball players so the conversation quickly turned to the sport. he then started talking about his newest idea to assemble a team for the floor hockey intermurals. then, get this, he starts hounding me to join the team. ME! in reality, i think he just needs a certain number of girls to be able to play in the co-ed grouping, but really. here's the funniest bit, i think i agreed to try it. do you want to know what clinched it for me? the shirts. he told me that i could design the shirts and that we could have our names (or the silly name of our choice) and a number. that's really just too fun. so far our team name is "the iceholes". that's right, we're really lame. but maybe we will look cool? i don't know, i'm pretty sure i'm just going to get hit in the face. i asked about that and mike said, "oh, it's a rubber ball, it won't hurt." riiiiiight.

what have i gotten myself into?

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