Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the word "meager" is in the title, right?

october 7th was...a while ago. my bad. :)

i cleaned my apartment a bit tonight.

i have good friends. some here (VERY FEW here) and many all other places. but i'm lucky to have as many as i do.

there are two things i should do on a more regular basis: dishes and laundry. also making mixed cds. that's just an extra one for sanity's sake.

i have literally started counting the days until i get on the plane. it's 29. like the month of february. but that's totally do-able. what doesn't kill you and whatnot.

the soundtrack to shortbus is about the best cd ever. just so ya know.

in particularly stressful times, i develop particularly stressful psycho-somatic conditions that further complicate my everday activities. in past years, it has been things like eye twitches, pulled/strained muscles in various places, and asthma. well...the eye twitch started a few days ago and i thought, well, right on time. then i rounded today off with another headache. i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong, but the headaches are fairly regular. no good. it's hard to read critical theory when your brain hates you. also, as i've been walking to school, the asthma has snuck up on me a couple of times. apparently, i'm just not a very together person. it's kinda funny, actually. but also aggravating. o_0

oh well, such is life! my outlook is positive for the most part. and i'm totally looking forward to teaching jack the ripper next semester. and i'm really super looking forward to passing the kids who don't think they are going to pass my class. hopefully i can make a bunch of their days. haha.

and in 29 days, i will be getting off a plane in va! there is always that.

peace out, bitches. i promise to try to do better.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray, you have blogged!

Please stop being twitchy because it makes me le nervous. However, if you insist, please let it be due to stress and not cancer. Please.

I cannot wait for Jack the Ripper.