Saturday, December 8, 2007

today = mixed results

good - i got out of scary class for next semester and into awesome class.
good - i delivered my car from it's icy grave.
good - my students wrote great in class essays and are all (mostly all) going to pass my class.

bad - my outfit today was decidedly un-ironed and ill-fitting.
bad - i'm literally failing carla's class.
bad - since i'm failing carla's class, i had to miss sex and the city night in order to stay in, stress, and read.

ugly - my roots are quite bad. i now have dirty blonde roots/old red roots/brown hair. it's not hot.
ugly - my skin is revolting against winter and is quite dry.
ugly - my winter clothes/boots/accessories are so horrifically bright and unmatching that i'm pretty sure that even people who don't know me recognize me when i walk to and from school.

exciting - i leave orono maine in 11 days.
exciting - i finish this semester in 11 days.

horrifying - i turn in carla's paper in 11 days.

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