Friday, May 22, 2009

Checkerboard Cookies: REMIX!!!

You might recall my ill-fated attempt at Checkerboard cookies from earlier this week. Because I was sticking to le pantry (as I so often do), I made the dough with margarine instead of butter. Please, I beg of you, do not make this mistake when trying to make a manipulable dough.

Anyway, I had over half of the dough wrapped up and refrigerated because I just couldn't make myself try to checkerboard it again. My mom suggested I fold the brown sugar and cocoa doughs together and just drop them like that.

So I did. I kneaded the two doughs together very briefly and then rolled them up, wrapped the log in wax paper, and froze the whole deal again.

Slicing and baking (15 mins at 350) the suckers was a pleasure. It was so easy and rewarding that I almost forgot how aggravating the earlier process was. Silly me.

A note about these cookies though: I had one straight from the baking sheet last night and it was only okay. Mid-cookie I turned to my mom and asked, "Is this good?" That's a pretty clear sign that it probably isn't. When hot, the flavors in the cookie were almost too much. The cocoa seemed strong and almost bitter. I dipped the rest of that cookie in milk and enjoyed it alright.

I put the cookies on a plate and went to bed. This morning I nabbed one while I contemplated breakfast (I know... so wrong) and my word was it good. These cookies are soft and the brown sugar and cocoa work amazingly well when cool. Do yourself a favor and enjoy these cookies the day after. You will not will not be disappointed.

I might have already had 3 of these cookies today. o_0

In other news, the May 31st deadline for Scoopalicious and Cupcake Project's IceCream Cupcake Round Up is quickly approaching! Either get to work on your cupcake or get your index finger ready to vote for mine! :)


Evan said...

I love the cookies that look like bread slices. I've been attempting things that I really shouldn't lately. For instance, I got lazy and poured muffins into a loaf pan and baked it. It took horendously long, but was half-way decent.

I also inexplicably tried using a cookie cutter for drop chocolate chip cookies. The results: crunchy chocolate chip moose cookies. Maybe I should be a little less adventurous. (10 points for dropping a Rilo Kiley reference in the comments of a cookie article!)

Amanda said...

I totally caught the Rilo reference! :)

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Yes! I feel so accomplished that a blog-friend's MOM watched my video! Lol :D

Elyse said...

I love the marbled effect! Your mom is a genius! And I'm so glad to hear that these cookies just needed to cool in order to taste great. The combination of brown sugar and cocoa doughs sounds absolutely stellar!

Anonymous said...

They look cool! Glad they tasted better the next day.

Kate said...

I'm not sure about this ice cream cupcake business. But, you know, at least your cookies turned out well.

I'm not really on board with cookies that don't taste right hot. That's always my favorite part. And my roomies aren't very patient so these would never make it to the next day if I made them. Still, you made it work and that's enough for Tim Gunn so it should be enough for me too, right?

Ash said...

Great fix!!! It's funny how some cookies just taste better cold! Especially when you can have them for breakfast!

Me! said...

That's why you should never have margarine in your house at all! I have cookies or brownies for breakfast with some frequency. I see nothing wrong with that. It's no worse than a pastry.