Friday, May 1, 2009

Busy Busy Blogger!

So I am ridiculously busy these days. Have I mentioned it? :) I have one paper, one presentation, and three guests to prepare for. And I have to get ready for these things on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday, irrespectively. Parallelism be damned!

Because it isn't your fault that I have no time, here are some pics that have been knocking around on my phone just begging to be blogged.


1. "Gender" Fail

"Gender" is not the nice word for sex. I repeat: "Gender" is not the nice word for sex. One's BMI has absolutely nothing to do with one's prefered cut of jean or choice of footwear. One's gender, however, can be easily distilled from both.

2. It is so about the destination.

This is the view from the railroad bridge. When I get the urge to run (for health purposes), I aim for this bridge. It's quite lovely and I enjoy it much more than the run that gets me to and from it.

3. More flies with honey...

This is the nicest "Get the hell out of our trash" message I've ever seen.

4. Behold the wonder

It's peanut butter. And this picture alone makes me love and hate Sam's Club all at once.

5. Baby's first adventure in the car

Cheese got a ticket to ride and cheese don't care!

Alright, my next post will be upbeat and without any hint of stress. This I promise you. Like N*Sync.


Evan said...

That Sam's Club picture is insane! Can you imagine if that thing toppled over?

Evan said...
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jess said...

i thoroughly enjoyed the "cheese got a ticket to ride" bit. hilarious.

Elissa said...

Wow at the bridge photo. Maine looks beautiful!

Anita said...

Great laughs reading that one...personally I really enjoyed the dumpster sign. Can't wait to see you in...4 days!!

Anonymous said...

That is a hell of a lot of peanut butter! mmmmm

Amber said...

wow. I haven't thought about "This I Promise You" in years. It's just so inferior to "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You," known to NSync superfans as "GMHSALMTOY."