Tuesday, September 11, 2007

my life on the (t)A list

--i spend almost as much time planning my outfit as i do planning the lesson.
--i'm trying very hard to remember that i am a student first. 5yr old mason: "but how can you be the teacher if you are the student????"
--i pride myself on being awkward in only the very best way. entertainingly awkward is very different from skin-crawling-counting-the-minutes awkward.
--if you visit my office, you can see a naked lady without paying. and no, that lady is most certainly not me.
--i got so heady when i randomly sat on my desk during class that i had to have my students do an in-class writing just so i could compose myself.
--i always ALWAYS erase the chalkboard in an up-down motion. if you don't know why that is important, try it both ways and report back.
--my hair is as fierce as ever. fellow ta: "if there was a Nobel Prize for hair, i would definitely nominate you."
--when the students started packing up one minute early the other day, i actually put both hands in the air like moses about to part the waters and yelled, "wait! we're not done yet!"
--everyone who has ever met me or (heaven forbid) seen me in action is hot for teacher.

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