Thursday, September 13, 2007

try not to be jealous

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Do you see what's so special about The Weekly today? That's right...yours truly is above the fold! is a closeup, but I think the original is actually a bit more clear.
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Just so you know, that is not at all what I said. But, such is life when you are quoted in the papers. It happens all the time. Also, I wore my hair like that one day since I've been in Maine. ONE DAY I decide to try something new. Whatever, as the equally famous Sullivan says, when you live our lifestyle you have to know the photographers will show up when you let your guard down. Anyway, in the closeup picture, the goofball with the helmet and glasses is classic Maine, as is the guy diagonal from her. The girl diagonal from me is Big T. She is a fellow English 101 TA and we are currently negotiating a codependent relationship that is working well for both of us. So there! I do have friends!


greenpaper said...

yay friends!


i think your hair looks super cute there. do it again. :)

Amber said...

Fame comes too easily, doesn't it? lol

amanda whats-her-face said...

yes, when you look this good, fame does come pretty easily. :)

red stripe said...