Saturday, September 25, 2010

That Time April Rubbed Her Meat and I Watched

I almost feel like I should leave the post at that.

You could gasp. Or laugh. Or cringe. ...And then we could all go on our merry ways and look elsewhere for either a good recipe or a good ol' NSFW post.

But... because we all know I'm not good at leaving well enough alone (shut up, Alicia), I'll write out a post that will drag out the joke until you don't so much as remember that it was ever even a little bit funny in the first place.

Eeeee... I can't wait!

We'll get to April in a minute, but first... another Southern lady. THE Southern lady, if you're asking me.

See... Paula Deen is always saying, "Rub your meat, rub your meat, rub your meat." Though I love Paula, I do not love raw meat. I might even hate it. I might even be making an ew face as I type this.

(By "might" I mean that I am. And it looks exactly like this.)

Anyway... so how am I to prove that my meatloaf is no ordinary meatloaf when I would really rather not touch the meat myself? Well... this time... I started by chopping up a bunch of really beautiful vegetables.

Frying them up with some spices and such...

And then I let April loose on the meat.

Do you guys remember the ew face? Because it comes back when I look at these pictures too.

So much meat touching.

Blech. In the end though, we ended up with a lovely spread.

A spicy cajun meatloaf and bacon, cheddar, jalapeno biscuits. Oh yeah, and a salad.

Mmm... so... meat touching... not great. I do it. But with the ew face.

These recipes, on the other hand, really are great. Try them. Like now. And don't forget to rub your meat, rub your meat, rub your meat.

Or find a friend who is willing to rub it for you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear. Those pictures are fabulous, and the title is even better. So much win!

Those biscuits look delicious. WANT.

Kate said...

I mean...the jokes. Love it.

We really need to be in the same place at the same time sometime when we can be in the kitchen together. Raw meat definitely doesn't bother me - but I can't stand chopping veggies.

Evan said...

Your post titles lately are killing me.