Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't Tease Me with a Naan Time

Today as I was wrapping up my trip to Walmart for essentials like drain clog remover and mascara, my eye caught sight of the... bread section.

And when I got closer, I saw it... Garlic Naan. From the Walmart bakery.

I flipped the package over and read a list of things I could do with my (oh yes, I had already committed) garlic naan. And on the list of things I could make... tuna melt naan, pizza naan, naan wraps, naan dippers, naanwiches, naantons, naan toast and... wait for it... PANINI NAAN.

Well. Didn't have to tell me twice.

My panini naan was simple enough. I used a collection of stuffs from the fridge. Ham, sour cream, and feta, actually.

Random, yes. Delicious? You betcha.

So... I share this naan goodness with you not so you'll buy my random ingredients and duplicate it. What you should do is... strike out and trust Walmart with something fancy. Apparently they can handle naan. (And drain cleaner. And mascara. And torture devices.)

Happy Monday, lovelies.


NikkiSez said...

No comment on Wal-Mart. But I love me some naan, too. And your pic reminded me of one of the menu options for a local food wagon here in Chicago, Gastro-wagon. They serve a shortrib naanwich ( I haven't had it yet but I understand that it is just this side of heaven.

And to give you some other ideas of what to do with your naan, here are their other naanwiches:

You're welcome.

Me! said...

you are hilarious! i got some frozen naan from trader joes a while ago but haven't gotten around to eating it. maybe i'll take your approach and make sandwiches with it. my random stuff will probably be more like tomatoes, basil, maybe i'll actually make the pestso i've been meaning to make with the basil that is taking over the world, some random cheese. oooh this is actually starting to sound good.

Amanda said...

NikkiSez: That place looks delish. I wish I had one nearby.

Me!: "Starting to sound good"?! Your leftover stuffs sound amazing. And much more appropriate than mine.

Evan said...

Mmmmm...naan. The global grocery store down the road has ready-made Indian meals for $3 that are delicious served with naan. I've never branched out and done anything with naan; maybe I should...

Anonymous said...

Garlic naan is maybe my favorite variety of bread, ever. YU-UM.
Great idea to make a panini with it - GENIUS!

Ash said...

I do love the naan too, although I've only branched out as far as naan-pizza.. extremely good.

Anonymous said...

I love me some naan. We've used it for about everything - including naan pizza. But Chappy's old school fav is naan and hummus.

Amanda said...

I just finished my naan this morning. I miss it already. Especially now, reading all your comments about the fab things I could do with more naan.

Perhaps I'll... get some more soon.

G said...

I miss your naan already, too. That picture makes my mouth water.