Sunday, October 11, 2009

F.A.Q.s on the New Header (II)

1. Is that you?

Heck to the yes. There I am looking at you, dear reader, from behind a monstrous, uniced, 2 layer chocolate cake.

2. What's on that shelf behind you on the right?

Cookbooks! Among them Pat's Failure of the Week, Yankee's Main Dish Church Supper Cookbook, Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys and Girls, and Feeding the Flock: DBC Family Favorites.

And supplies! (cup)Cake decorating, (cup)cake carrying, fondant rolling, pan-lining supplies.

And two hospitality pineapples.

3. Do you always bake in that off-white tank top?

Ugh. No, but it happens more often than I'd like to admit. I believe there are two options when it comes to safeguarding against messy baking: add an apron or remove the top layer of clothing. I make this decision based on the weather, the company, and my mood.

4. Your eyebrows are fantastic.

Aw... Don't make me blush! (I think so too.)

5. Why is the lettering on your header so wonky? It's pixelly and unclear on my computer.

Do not adjust your screen. This header snafoo is all my fault. I am not what some would call a techie. For the time being, I edit my pictures in Paint. So all the fabulousness you see before you comes straight to you from that nonsense program that lives on your computer, no matter the make model, whether you like it or not. Yep... I'm that kid that still uses it.

6. Why the new header? I liked the old one.

Well, the old header showed a picture of my baking space... two kitchens ago. And though it was colorful and well lit, it just isn't mine anymore.

But... you're right... that was one good lookin' header.

Goodbye, old header. Thanks for the memories.

Any other questions?


kmari03 said...

That was quick.

Evan said...

I could've sworn I taught you to add text in GIMP, just so you wouldn't have to use Paint. What happened?

Pamela said...

Nice photo. Did you have nice weekend with my favorite CW classmate?

Kate said...

I like that we're made to feel like the oven. It's good.

Barbara Bakes said...

You really do have great eyebrows!

thereddeer said...

Farewell old header we will miss you!

Amanda said...

Evan: You did! And I love GIMP, but GIMP lived on my old laptop. And my sister's in-the-meantime computer can barely run Word, so no GIMP for me until I get a new machine. :(

Hilary said...

I do like your eyebrows. They are very Brooke Shields. And that never goes out of style.

Ash said...

Old header will be missed... but lets embrace the new!