Monday, August 17, 2009

What I Learned Today, Aug. 17, 2009

Today was the first day of school, so I started off on the right foot by... well... learning things. So please enjoy What I Learned Today.

1. The perfect costume for today can be confidence in textiles.

However... the picture of said textile confidence can be oh-so-disappointing when you realize that you haven't gotten to the "wash mirror" portion of the VA -> GA move. Ugh.

2. There is no accounting for taste.

This painting is the only thing in my office at the moment. It needs to come down yesterday. I mean... I really love it and the wall color. And the purple door trim. (0_o)

3. There are faculty perks.

Some universities (read: mine) have bathrooms designated for faculty. Those bathrooms are supplied with various creams and lotions. Drawback: You will run into a faculty member in the bathroom.

4. When the interwebs are against her, a girl has to keep herself busy.

I lugged my laptop to campus today because I was promised (by a giant banner that proclaims "WIRELESS INSIDE") wireless. How-ev-er, my computer was rejected because of missing Microsoft updates. Boo.

So... without interwebs again, I read. Turns out young adult lit was also the perfect costume for today.

5. In Georgia, fruits behave differently.

Apples, for instance, brown before you finish cutting them. I'm not even kidding. Blanche Devareaux once said that people mature faster in the South, and I now believe her.

6. Just because they are a must for this season's fashion, doesn't mean they'll be nice to your feet for an entire 8 hour and 20 minute day.

Yep. Nothing witty to say about that.

I also learned things that I didn't take pictures of. For example, even if one makes it through an entire day of teaching 5 classes without breaking a sweat, that same one will sweat it out in the 6 minute ride home in the preheated oven-hot car. You are happy I didn't photograph this.

Finally (for now), I learned that when one enters five classes with the same tattoos and piercings, 2 students in 2 different classes will point them out in an attempt at solidarity. Goodness gracious.

I'm curious. What did you learn today?!


Marilla said...

I learned that olive oil cake is delicious, that dentist appointments are almost impossible to get and that I need to dye my hair because my roots are atrocious.

kmari03 said...

Hey, I learned that even when you do get one of those dentist appointments before your insurance runs out, it will end up involving lots of procedures the insurance doesn't cover!

Anonymous said...

I learned that over sensitive gag reflexes are annoying.

Amanda said...

hahaha... These are amazing lessons, you guys! :D

Keep 'em coming!

Ash said...

I learned I need to install a phone downstairs... running up stairs to catch the 3 ring limit can be dangerous... my shoulder met the door frame in a bruising quickened attempt upstairs...ugh

Anita said...

I learned that when you can't produce a report or document of sorts, your reply can be "I guess the printer took it." More importantly, I learned you're blogging again...that's the best!! Love you Manda!

Casey's Wifey said...

LOVE the Golden Girls quote. People mature faster in the South...I think it's the heat! Hope you're loving it down there. Do you have your own little apt or a roomie or what? I hope you have a fab kitchen!