Thursday, August 6, 2009

Peaches (and an Announcement)

Here are the peaches:

and here is the announcement:

My attempt at Peach Cupcakes was an EPIC FAIL.

(There is another announcement coming, but bear with me for the moment, k?)

I don't even understand what went so wrong with this cupcake.

I split the recipe in half, but I do that all the time so I don't blame that. I even rechecked my maths when things went south. I cross-checked the recipe on a couple of different blogs to make sure all the measurements agreed. They did.

But I knew something was not right when my batter was looking more peach soup than batter-with-peaches-folded-in.

Still I had faith... until I pulled those suckers out of the oven.

They were kind of bubbly and very much not cake.

Nevertheless, I dressed homegirl up like a true Southern Lady, and she really doesn't look half bad.

As far as taste goes, the verdict is still out for me. What I seem to have made is more of an eggy custard than a cake. Is it tasty? It is... if you like peach custards. However, a true cupcake, it is not. I would love to hear from anyone who has successfully made this cupcake in the form that God intended.

Now... for the real announcement...

I'm moving again.

I've accepted a position teaching writing at a school in Georgia, y'all.

(I want to leave the "y'all" for all the Southern reasons, but I shuddered a bit just typing it. If you ever notice the dreaded "y'all" showing up in my normal speech, please feel free to slap me. Even in public.)

So that's that. I'm moving very soon so there may or may not be posts happening over the next few weeks. But know that when I do get settled, I'll continue to bring you all the ridiculousness you've come to expect from this blog, but this time the posts will just come to you from Georgia.

And you better believe I'll be hunting down Paula Deen to guest blog.


Kate said...


Congratulations. I'm sorry your cupcakes were not all they could have been. But I'm very proud of you. I cannot wait to hear about your Georgia adventures.

ash.lin. said...

you know- it wasnt until i saw the bouffant and the southern lady church hat/flower that i fell in love with your peach custard cake.
be safe in georgia.
heard the devil went down there- lookin' for a soul to steal.
crap. that song wont leave my head until after work now. fabulous day.

Barbara Bakes said...

I love that you posted your failure! I'll look forward to seeing the success! Good luck with the new position!

Justin said...

hopefully the move will turn out better than the cupcakes...

Amber said...

congrats on the job but oh noes! I'm so sad you're moving. We'll have to get together on your home visits to talk cupcakes (will you still be able to do them?!)

Evan said...

Such a cute "cupcake," especially with the southern belle flower.

Did you plan the whole peaches and Georgia thing? If not, that's just too good.

Me! said...

Congratulations, I think. Southerners are scary and heading to GA is really the deep south. Good luck!

Grace said...

Ahhhhhhhh you're moving to Georgia!!! How exciting! But wait, who's going to bake all my girls' birthday goodies now?? I'm happy for you - that's awesome =)

Liesl said...

Oh we all have our me yours seems great compared to some of mine!!! That cupcake looks pretty tasty to me :)

GA!!!! How exciting!! Y'all isn't too bad and trust me (and I am originally from Ohio) I swore I wasn't gonna get all southern ... Now I am y'all-ing and reckon-ing and yonder-ing all the time!!!! LOL :)

I have been itching to go to paula's resturant so you should go and blog about it!!!

kmari03 said...

YAY! We got Amanda!!

thereddeer said...

Disaster! Man that stinks.

Hilary said...

I also had an epic fail this week. An orange and almond cake that spilled out of the pan and wouldn't cook in the middle. I just threw it out.

Um, I like peach custard though.

And congrats on the job!! I love y'all. I actually wish I was southern so I could legitimately use it.

LP said...

Right on! Congratulations on the job! Be sure to invite me to visit you in Georgia once you're settled in...for some reason I've always wanted to live in Tennessee or Georgia!

Sara said...

Many congrats on your job! I envy your move south.

Ash said...

Congrats on your new job! Your home girl is looking pretty sweet even know it was a flop. haha
Your second attempt is pretty fine!

Amber said...

i would like to chime in and say that as someone who has legitimate claim to both saying "ya'll" on my southern side and "yous guys" on my jersey side, I feel blessed. the best of both vernacular worlds.