Thursday, December 4, 2008

And the answer is...

So, my roommate and I revived an old debate about a week ago.

Our discussion went something like this:

A: "Well, you know, you can't balance without your big toe. If it's cut off, you'll just fall over."

B: "No... that's the pinky toe. You can't walk without it."

A: "I think you're mistaken."

B: "I think you are."

Alright, alright. I hope it was better the first time around, because - though we might struggle - my roommate and I should be more effective communicators by this point. We'll assume that my rendition just sucks.

Anyway, about a week before Halloween this year, I most likely broke my big toe. I say "most likely" because there was no x-ray or physician opinion. However, both a Master of Zoology and pre-med student deemed it broken. It swelled, turned red, then blue, then black, swelled again, and is now mostly better but sore-ish at times.

This morning, I might have broken the pinky toe of that very same blessed foot. This time the coffee table turned against me. This tiny toe is behaving exactly like it's big sister to the right. It swelled and turned a couple of pretty colors. Since it's quite painful, I've buddy-taped it in the most hilarious way.

But, the silver lining to all this is that I think I've gotten to the root of our Big Toe v. Pinky debate. Though the broken big toe was painful and certainly nothing I want to repeat, this struggling pinky toe is killer!

Pain shot through my toe and up into my leg when I raised my right foot to put my pants on this morning. Same thing happened when I - like an idiot who just won't learn - raised my right foot to put on my sneaker. Apparently, that stupid pinky toe is in a large way responsible for my balance. Ughflurgajibit.

Of course.

So I couldn't play racquetball today as scheduled. Instead I drank black coffee - for the first time in a long time - and rambled at my racquetball partner. Despite her requests, I did not flash my newly broken toe.

What I did do was buy first aid tape after my night class.

It is one glamorous life I lead.

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The Empress said...

I think the lack of either toe would cause you serious instability issues - after all, you have both for a reason.

However, I broke my big toe without a diagnosis and it healed just fine on its own. The pain was intense, but obviously not unbearable as it went undiagnosed and I consequently did without prescription grade painkillers. If your pinky toe is worse I cannot even begin to imagine. I'm just a baby about pain.

Here's hoping your toe feels better soon : )