Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Tweet Deferred...

"What happens to a [tweet] deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?"
- bastardization of a Langston Hughes line

Some days I think in tweets. A lot of them.

And some days, I tweet all of them. Just throw them out there and say, "there you have it."

Other days (most days), I pick and choose. I tweet some. I send some to friends. I consider others and let them go.

But today... TODAY, kittens.

Ima compile them right here. For you.

Let's get started. In no particular order...


      There will be baking this afternoon. I have spoken; all depart.

        I might have put brown sugar in my coffee this morning. Mama's walkin' on the wild side!

          I've been happily singing Gasoline & Matches for the past two days. You're welcome, huddled masses. #babybabybabybaby

            Me: "What are some concepts, theories, principles associated with college?" Student: "Don't get caught." #touche

              I wouldn't let myself bake earlier this week, so the pent up baking need is STRONG. This could get messy. (cc: @TheKateSullivan)

                Things I want to do: blog, bake, nap. Things I need to do: emails, class prep, workout. If I get 4 out of 6, I'll be ecstatic.

                  Dear God: I'd like clouds all day while I teach (shades up, projector on, FTW) and a thunderstorm when I arrive home. Thanks in advance, Amanda

                    TWO DAYS AND A WAKE-UP.

                    Yeah. See? A smathering.

                    I assure you, my head is a fun place to see from the inside.

                    But... I really should get back to it.

                    (And by "it" I mean work and actually tweeting.)

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