Friday, September 23, 2011

Perfect Costume for Today

Do you ever just happen upon the absolute most perfect thing to wear for a particular day?

I don't mean the big events that we plan for and stress over, I mean the day to day.

Because every day requires a costume, I hope you know. Observe:

See? Little Edie knows.

Well, last night I stayed up late. And this morning I snoozed the alarm a few times.

So by the time I found myself standing in my closet doing the debate thing, I was feeling uninspired and very any-old-thing-will-do.

But instead of tossing on any old thing, I reached for a particular old thing. Specifically, this mod-inspired dress I bought at the Goodwill for $3.99 this week.

I chose this dress because it was 1) hanging in the closet doorway, fresh from being laundered and 2) fairly wrinkle free. Perfect: I wouldn't have to go to great lengths to either find it or iron it.

Once I had my major piece picked out, I zsouzsed: sheer black cardigan, black leggings, and my grandmother's blue bead necklace.

Out the door I went. Looking something like this:

When I got to class and set up my projector, I realized that there was going to be an issue. The projector was set up to work with the screen... not the whiteboard. That's fine... I can deal with off kilter framing, I thought.

What I did not realize was that mid-class, I'd discover that I am woefully short and cannot write in the little tippy top space I'd allowed myself.

I looked at my students, I looked at the board. I looked at my students, I looked at my outfit. Then, while still listening my students, I pulled a chair from behind an empty desk, climbed atop it, and continued to take notes on their purposes for attending college.

My only hope is that one of their purposes for attending college is to have one really quirky instructor in their first semester. Because thanks to a Goodwill dress and some trusty ol' leggings, I was wearing the perfect costume for jumping up on a chair and teaching as if I am not a miniature human being.

DVD Bonus: I did not (by the grace of God) fall off the chair on any of my 8 trips onto it. I did, however, forget that it was behind me and run slam into it while on flat ground. Might have done a "Did she trip? No, she's jogging. No... she stopped. She tripped! You tripped!" Ellen move.

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Kate said...

Oh my word, where was the reality show tv crew while this was happening? I wish I had seen this. Also, the dress is ADORABLE.