Friday, March 25, 2011

P90x Day 30(ish)

It's that time, friends! Time for the first set of progress pics!!!

Tonight at dinner, a friend asked how P90x was going. I told her the truth, "It's going well... but I start Phase Two tomorrow and I'm nerrrrvous!"

She smiled in a you-chose-this-not-me way and said, "You know, I feel like I've been part of this experience and I also feel like it's been longer than 30 days."

Ehh... she's not wrong.

If you've been following me on twitter, you might remember that my journey has been a bumpy one. I missed a few days for a quick trip to Portland. And I missed another day or two when I was sick at the very beginning.

Annnnnd... then I messed up during week 4. Instead of moving to the Week 4 "recovery" workouts, I did another of the strength training, muscle building first weeks, thus pushing myself back an entire week.

So... all told, my Phase One lasted all of 43 days. 35 of those days I was actively grunting, sweating, and bringing it. Those other 8 days... were lost for one reason or another.

That's alright though.

Tony says that there are several reasons why someone would choose to extend a phase. There must be even more ways in which someone could screw up the phase and accidentally extend it. I'm sure I'm in good company.

Now... before I run away from Phase One and move on to things like the Corn Cob Pull Up and who-knows-what kind of demon push ups, I want to make note of some lessons learned.

1. My flex face still sucks.

Go ahead. Go back and review. I don't mind.

After my on video flexing, a friend told me I looked like I smelled something bad. I revised... and now I just look slightly angry. Or... something.

2. My backgrounds suck worse than my flex face.

Again... review...

An open closet?! C'mon... If I had just closed the door, it would have been perfect. Solid background AND you'd think I am organized.

3. That freaky armpit muscle is still growing.

Picture 4. Feast your eyes on that sucker.

According to the anatomy coloring book flashcards Kate gave me, I believe this is the pectoralis major. Maybe. Whatevs... as long as I don't get that man neck thing, I'm fine with it.

In conclusion...

Dear P90x,

You're pretty okay in my book. Though you scare me, I'm excited to see where this relationship goes. Here's to another 60(+) days together.

Bringing It,



Anonymous said...

Dude. You look AMAZING. I'd kill for those arms!
So proud of you and all your hard work!

Grace said...

You are AMAZING!!! Makes me want to get back on the P90x train...almost =) Thanks for being awesome!

Amanda said...

Thanks, ladies! : )