Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th Festivus (fit for pajamas)

In my last blogpost (yes... it has been a while) I explained that me and holidays are casual acquaintances at best. I explained it in the context of birthdays and the lesser holidays, but my issue extends all the way to the big holidays. Since I no longer live near my family or other folks who would similarly insist I celebrate holidays in flashy ways... I just... don't.

Like today, for instance. I slept in (score!) and my plan for the day is to grade a set of student papers. And I'm fine with that.

But... there is one thing that can get to me to let loose and go all out on a holiday. That thing?


That's right... It's you, you crazy kids. I do silly, goofy, holiday-themed things because I think that you'll like them. So this morning when I finally did think about getting out of bed around 11am, it hit me. I could make a super tasty breakfast for myself and with a little adjustment... I could appear to give a hoot about the 4th of July.

Voila. Two birds. One stone. Six little red, white, and blue pancakes.

Now... if you're a better person than I am, you could probably color and flavor these pancakes with fruit purees and skip the Wilton colorings I used. If you do that... let me know how it goes. It was a touch odd eating technicolor pancakes that tasted like... normal buttermilk pancakes.

And though I'm not doing it big today, I am interested to know what the simple folk do. How are you celebrating your 4ths, kittens?

(To my kittens in Australia, Canada, England and elsewhere, you're not off the hook. I want to know what you're doing today too... just because I'm creepy like that.)

Happy 4th of July!
(for whatever that's worth to you and yours)


Whitney said...

They look amazing Amanda! Great job!

Evan said...

I think I speak for us all when I say that we appreciate you stooping to celebrate holidays for us.

I'm doing work today, but I watched a local fireworks show from a friend's porch last night. Don't ask me why it was on the 3rd, because I don't know.

Amanda said...

Evan: Oh! Oh! I know the answer to that question! I watched fireworks over some trees last night myself, and we decided that they celebrated on the 3rd in our little county because the 4th lands on a Sunday. And... in our dry county... that means a lot.

Anonymous said...

those pancakes are BEAUTIFUL, you overachiever you.
thanks for having some holiday spirit for US ;)

Me! said...

You know what would amuse me even more? If you did a different holiday! Like if you did a big thanksgiving turkey now (I know there's no way I'm turning my oven on for multiple hours to do a turkey now but you could do it then and post something later) or 4th of july pancakes for christmas. That's some pretty impressive color you have there. Usually when I add color it ends up looking kinda sickly because I don't add enough or something.

Natalie... said...

wow such a good 4th of july breakfast hehe!! so creative, looks delicious too!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a serve of food colouring to start the day LOL

Amanda said...

hahaha... Exactly, Alicia, nothing better! : )

notjustafemme: If not for you, then who?!

Me!: Yeah, my cupcakes are usually pastel... but I beasted these pancakes knowing that baby girl/boy pancakes would not fit the bill.

Thanks, Natalie...!

Mat said...

I think I was hungover on the fourth of July. Now let's go on and pretend that's cause I drank a lot in honour of the great country that is the USA (even tho I was born in Brazil, live in NZ and never even been to North America).
BTW, the pancakes look awesome. Isn't it weird how just a touch of colour on food makes us all excited about it, like we're little children?

Ash said...

This is so awesome!! I'd eat those!

I did nothing for Canada day. I did see the fireworks, but only because i live by the lake and when I heard them, I decided I'd better look out the window at least.

Amanda said...

I don't know, Mat, but it's been brought to my attention that the next batch of pancakes should be rainbow colored and I for one can't wait.

Ash: I had a similar, oh! fireworks are happening!, moment on the 3rd. I was chatting with a friend outside the coffee shop when we realized we could hear them. We got in the car and hunted them down but they stopped before we got to them. Ah, well. :)

Grace said...

I just saw this post. Those pancakes look fantastic! I just showed the girls.

Me: Remember who...
Espy: ...made Gianna's cupcakes? She made those? She has a website? Can you make those? They look yummy (then back to her blocks).
Me: Hey Gianna!
Gi: Yes?
Me: Remember Amanda - she made your Hello Kitty cupcakes? She made those for the Fourth of July.
Gi: And then she ate them?
Me: Yes.
Gi: Cool. I'm going to watch my movie.

BTW, we were in Nags Head for the 4th. The fireworks were something to be desired, but we had a belated birthday celebration for Miss Gianna which more than made up for it ;) I hope you're enjoying your summer!

Amanda said...

I love the conversations with the girls, Grace. Too cute. I am enjoying my summer. I'm running around constantly, but it's fun. (And gross hot, but that's Georgia, I guess.)