Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hey, hey, it's a cupcake!

And a sneaky one with a twist, at that. Look!

You see it? It's got a chocolate chip cookie bottom. Mmm... now that's decadent. And soooo easy.

Just make up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and put about a half-inch layer of dough in the bottom of your well-greased cupcake tin. Cover the cookie bottom with cake batter (I used a homemade funfetti for these cupcakes.)

Bake at 350 until a toothpick comes out clean, and voila! You've got a cutie patootie cookie bottomed cupcake that turns out of the tin like a charm. If you look closely, you can see the very subtle line between the cookie and the cake.

I made just a few of these with some leftover ingredients as an experiment, but it worked so well that I'm excited to try it out with different flavor combinations. Like... a gingersnap bottom and a creamy peach cupcake. Or... a chocolate chip/oreo bottom and a cookies and cream cake. OR... an oatmeal cookie with a bright, strawberry cake.

Oh... this is just too good. If you'll excuse me, I'll probably be thinking about combinations for the next few days. Hmm... What combo would you try?


Evan said...

Oatmeal cookie and cinnamon cupcake? I'm sure any combination would be delish.

Evan said...
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Natalie... said...

Oooh wow what a tasty idea, love the look of this!!

Grace said...

LOVE it. This will be added to my list of things to bake ;)

Mad Betty said...

Possibly a peppermint cookie with a brownie/choc cupcake combo?.. :3

Doll Face said...

Dear Amanda,

You are wonderful despite your use of chocolate. Please make me some pistachio cupcakes and white frosting of some sort (not white chocolate, or chocolate chocolate that you added bleach to, and NO banana). Deliver them in person.


Ash said...

This is just awesome!! I so gotta make me some of these and I love all your suggestions!! The oatmeal one will be really interesting!