Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hallmark Approximation

Last night I walked into my building to make one final check of the office before I left for home. I noticed our janitor, Jay, and his cart of cleaning supplies as soon as I walked through the double doors. Since he didn't notice me, I walked behind him towards my hall and said hello.

"Hi, Jay, how are you?"

Jay jumped and turned around with an "Oh!"

"Did I scare you?" I said, smiling.

"No. It's just that nobody calls me 'Jay' around here."

"Oh." Now it was my turn to be scared. Have I been wrongfully chatting with the janitor formerly known as Jay? Is his name something like Harold or Brian? It's a good thing I speak before I think. "What do they call you?" Still smiling.

Paper towel rolls in hand -- "They usually don't call me anything."


We exchanged some quick how-are-you?s and how-have-you-been?s as I unlocked my office door and he continued down the hall.

And I decided that Jay needs a Christmas present. With his name on it.

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