Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Ginger Pecan Cheesecake

Warning: This picture is old.

I say that not because it changes the greatness of this cheesecake. I say that because I don't want you all showing up on my doorstep, demanding pumpkin ginger pecan cheesecake.

Because... you guys... it's really that delicious.

For Thanksgiving two years ago (like I said... old), I wanted to do something traditional... but more exciting. So, instead of a good ol' pumpkin pie, I started researching pumpkin cheesecakes. It had to have been done, right?

And, boy, had it.

I ended up combining the filling from Sweetest Kitchen's Pumpkin Walnut Cheesecake and my own crust of ginger snaps, chopped pecans, sugar, and melted butter.

I riffed Sweetest Kitchen's crumble topping by swapping out the walnuts for my tiny pecans.

Trust me: it was all perfect. Perfect creamy pumpkin sandwiched between rich ginger snaps and sweet, mapley pecans.

Make. It. Tomorrow.

Or for Thanksgiving. Your choice.


Kaitlin said...

A few years back my then-girlfriend and I were making our own Thanksgiving feast. She wanted pumpkin pie and I wanted cheesecake. I was all WHAT ABOUT PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE and from there a tradition was born. I've made it every year since, and this year shall be no exception.

Amanda said...

Mmm... I wasn't planning on making the cheesecake this year, but only because I hadn't thought about it yet. It's a must make.

E$ said...


Amanda said...

Alright, E-money. (Was that a typo?)