Monday, December 28, 2009

How I've Missed You

(I know... broken record... I embedded the song on Saturday and here I am quoting it on Monday. Sue me.)

Anyway... I have missed you, blogensteins! I want to make this up to you by allowing you to decide what you hear about from my hiatus.

We'll start simple. With categories.

Option 1: Family Oddities

Wherein Amanda provides some character sketches of involved parties and a story of comical, yet touching, relevance.

Option 2: Food Stuffs

Wherein Amanda drolls on about some bit of cuisine cooked up between November 27th and December 26th.

Option 3: Fashion Forwardness

Wherein Amanda pretends you're interested and hands out advice, criticism, or just plain sass on some aspect of dress, carriage, or accessory (in?)appropriate to the season.

So... there you have it. Three categorical options. Vote for your fave in the poll on the right there (no log in required), and in a few days or so, I'll be back to offer you options within the chosen category.


kmari03 said...

So would option number three include discussion of holiday-themed clothing? hm?? Like perhaps those awesome light-up christmas light necklaces?

Amber said...

i pick option 1 or option 2. and by that i mean, i didn't pick at all. let's go with option 1.

Anonymous said...

Option 2 is my pick :)

Me! said...

I'll take one of each. No need to wrap them up or gift receipts.

Gray said...

I'll take Option 2! If you want, though, feel free to share funny stories about cooking for your family, or about spilling food on classy new garments. :)

Gray said...
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Ash said...

hmmm.. they do all sound intriguing. I'm gonna have to go with #2. Within one month you must have cooked up some awsomeness?

Hilary said...

Option 1, please.

cookingnerd said...

Well, since you were apparently having turduken . . . I pick two. But you must write it John Madden style.