Saturday, January 19, 2008

apparently i like to make lists

because i pulled up the blog today for the express purpose of making a list. so here goes...

things in which i must invest in the year 2008:
1. bath tub drain plug (i read quite well in the tub and should probably take advantage of the distraction free environment when trying to read dull, mind-numbing literature.)
2. another blanket for the bed OR some really heavenly pajamas (i'm warm enough for the time being in my subpar pajamas and sheet/duvet/fleece combo, but i'm determined to save money on heat this winter and i'm told things will only get worse.)
3. practical groceries (i need to be able to survive if i get snowed in. on this point, i will not negotiate.)
4. a personal reader/writer (this person must be able to complete all readings and homework assignments in an orderly fashion, preferably be able to pass for me in the classroom and remove all stress, boredom from my life. inquire within.)
5. some sort of 30 minute abs workout program (ideally, said program would take only 5 minutes, but i want to emerge with janet jackson like abs, so i'm half willing to commit.)
6. can i just modify number 4 to be a full body/mind double? (said double could do all the things that i might not feel like doing. like, say, for instance, dinner tonight. blah.)

more listing later, i'm sure. i'm going to attempt to read outside of the tub.

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